Terry Gross in conversation with Irrfan Khan, hero of “Life of Pi”

A very interesting discussion with Irrfan Khan, the Indian Actor – who is the hero of the movie “Life of Pi”, in conversation with Terry Gross in the NPR program “Fresh Air”.  Terry Gross says that she is a fan of his work and discusses his life.  One of the funniest moment in the interview was his discussion on how he thought of getting into TV acting.

Khan knew from an early age that he wanted to be an actor, but he wasn’t entirely sure how to make it happen. At 14, a cousin told him that if he wanted to act in television, he should climb up to a transmission tower located at the top of a nearby mountain — that there would be an office there where Khan could get a job.
And that’s exactly what he and his cousin did; though when they got to the top of the mountain and found nothing, they quickly forgot about getting work in television and roamed the terrain.
“We had a great time on the mountain,” he remembers.

It is a very interesting discussion and he holds himself well.

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