The Fight Against Hijab

The Fight Against Hijab

Let us be ruthlessly honest.  Hijab is the price that women have to pay for men’s inability to handle their own libido.  Because men cannot be entrusted with handling what is in their pants, a burden is hoisted on the women around – to cover themselves.  Lest the man’s libido goes berserk.

Islam as an ideology was built around man and his sex.  To proliferate it and to give him a way to handle his guilt.

That is all to it when it comes to Hijab.  It is a way for the Islamic men to make themselves feel good about their own guilt of not being able to handle their own “little guy”.

And this is something that all the women so-called activists like Jacinda Ardern miss and how they hand over the innocent and disadvantaged women in the Islamic world in the hands of these wolves themselves by doing what they do.

Ardern Hijab

In her zeal to look more “Moslem” than the Muslims themselves, she was actually perpetuating a stereotype that is anything but feminist or liberal.

It is regressive.  It is the cost that a woman pays to live in a man’s world.  Just as Kafirs pay Jiziya to live in a Muslim society, women pay their own tax to live in an Islamic man’s world.

Feminism and Liberalism have been reduced to being fronts for Islamism. There is nothing Feminist nor liberal about Hijab. When women like Yasaman Aryani and Masih Alinejad fight in Iran and similar societies elsewhere, they are targeted and many a times killed. Meanwhile, leaders like Jacinda Ardern, seem to mock their sacrifice by donning Hijab as some kind of religious tolerance act. Which it is not.

The regressive Islamic man is who Jacinda Ardern fought for.  Not for Masih Alinejad or Yasaman Aryani.  Let us meet them and look at their fight!

The Fight against Hijab

Yasaman Aryani has been arrested because she was distributing flowers in the subway to those who wore Hijab, inviting them to throw away their Hijab.

Here she is and others distributing the flowers as part of the #WhiteWednesdays movement fighting against #ForcedHijab.

Now Yasaman Aryani and her mother have been arrested.  As Masih Alinejad argues in this very troubling video (troubling because of how lightly and almost laughingly the others on stage are reacting to her words, which come from a deep pain!) that these women have given up almost everything that he had and been detained by the Iranian guards and no one knows where they are or what happened to them.

Ms Alinejad is right.  In the hands of an Islamic cleric or a ruler, the hijab takes on another form of violence altogether.  It is that power’s way to oppress women – because they themselves cannot handle their own libido.

What has happened to these women is truly shameful!

The translation of the tweet below says – “For the detention of Yasaman Aryani, they have gone to their house, they have thrown their father and his sister in a room and they are busy with the audit of the house, his father protested, but threatening to رمیکشند the shout and protest his dog! Mason was the dog of Ariyani Gruganshan!”

Chances are that none of these women who have been “detained” by the Iranian guards may even survive.  Masih Alinejad fights this battle everyday.  Recently, she tweeted this.

She is now promoting #MyCameraIsMyWeapon campaign, where women use their camera and Social Media to fight these ideas and mindsets.

It is going to be a long fight.

Feminism and Liberalism are fancy words for Islamism

From where I see the blood of Aryani and others’ – which is how it looks now – will be on the hands of women like Jacinda Ardern as much as on the hands of the Islamic clerics that Arderns of the world side with.

Liberalism and Feminism have become just fancy word for Islamism in today’s world.  It is time to define the fights, the battles in clear terms and trash these bastardized ideas that have lost all meaning completely.

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