The Greatest Indian Dance Performance of this Century

The Greatest Indian Dance Performance of this Century

Indian Marriages are a world unto themselves.  The behavior is typical and interesting.  Bride and Groom are accidental diversions.  People actually go to live a fantasy.  Many things are common and have grown into people’s imagination not because of any genuine reason, but because they are peculiar.

So it is very common for all the adult men to drink and not just drink but do so out of a car trunk converted into a bar.  The car trunk-turned bar is the most common feature of the Indian marriage.  But it is the dance by the attendees that takes the cake.  I admit I have been to many marriages in India and admittedly, I have burnt, literally, many dance floors.  But all my performances, uncharitable comments of my son notwithstanding watching my marriage video, pale in front of this guy.

He is the Michael Jackson of Indian marriage dancers.

The Unknown Dancing Dude is original.  Does what I have seen no one ever do.  He has his entire performance planned yet makes it look impromptu (or is it otherwise? – no one will ever know!).  If you look at his performance, you realize that he comes out of nowhere, does some absolutely unbelievable hand moves that have a unique flow and keep you guessing, and within 40 seconds has another guy (the dude in blue sweater) copying after him.  I am not sure about you, but I have not seen even ONE dancer on any floor who makes people follow him in such a short time.

The wanna-be, unfortunately pales in his company.  And, for a good measure, our Dancing Star gives him a nice surprise as he launches into the closest and most precise cartwheel I have seen ever.

It takes a full minute and a half and a song change, for real competition to appear.  But all this – the wanna-be and the challenger – leave our dude unfazed.  Come hail or shine, he goes on.  Sometimes rolling and sometime jumping and sometimes doing the vertical-hand-wiper in front of his face moves.  Amazing and unseen on any dance floor.

Strangely, you realize that the challenger is no ordinary guy himself.  He is capable of pretty wicked stuff himself.  He launches into a full body waves and hand oars all over the place.

By the time, the performance ends, you are left gasping for more.  You realize you have just witnessed history in the making.

This, performance, friends – will be tough to beat in the next marriage party I go to.  If, I can get past the Oil Drilling routines I learnt from the greatest dancer of Bollywood of all times, Sunny Deol.  Between my tutelage under – virtual – under Dharmendra (Deol’s Dad) and Sunny – I have grown to be a rather enviable shaker of legs.  My Son, deservedly calls my dance as the “Taekwondo Dance”.  Except that it isn;t as harmless as your neighborhood Taekwondo Class.  But then, I have lots to learn… miles to go.. as they say.

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