The Jehad over “Jehad”: CAIRs “My Jehad” campaign and its counter by Pam Geller


A few months back, Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) started a “My Jihad” campaign that aimed to “legitimize” the word Jihad and also somehow take away the “stigma” from what is happening in the Islamic world.  The idea is to deceive the Americans as opposed to establishing their version of Jehad in the Islamic minds.

The ads took ordinary life situations – that in the first place DO NOT require any deep introspection – for example, “befriending non-Muslims”, doing exercise, doing your best – in fact that SHOULD be a natural thing!  So to suggest that somehow doing such things is a mandated thing in Islam – and by counter-argument, not present in populations which are non-Muslims, is itself an insult!  It speaks of a hypocrisy that Jehad as a concept signifies.

But we will talk of the larger malaise.

These ads use everyday people and use their daily activities as definitions of Jehad.  At that time, one would not have known the fate of the Boston Bombers.  Here is Dzhokhar Tsarnaey – the second guy:


It is just a quirk of fate that this guy’s picture with his friends didn’t make it to the campaign by CAIR.  Because it fits RIGHT into the campaign.. doesn’t it?  Specially that campaign of “Friendships across the aisle”.

The guy was as integrated into the American culture as any American is.  Twitter, won a scholarship, worked as lifeguard – because as he would put it in his tweet:

“I didn’t become a lifeguard just to chill… saving brings me joy”

Heck, the Indian friend of his, who came on CNN interview to “talk” to him kept saying – Everyone loves you… we love you.. .please don’t make wrong choices…”  And this was AFTER he had done the Bombings, bragged about it, and then went absconding.  He was THAT integrated!

So what made him do what he did?


The older bomber

Because he bought every Jehadi nonsense that there is out there.  Including the credo that 9-11 was an inside job.

“Idk [I don’t know] why it’s hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job, I mean I guess f*** the facts y’all are some real #patriots #gethip.”

His brother was no different.  He was also pretty integrated!  Look at his boxing practice picture.  Isn’t that good enough for staying Fit AND building friendships “across the aisle”?

Both of these brothers didn’t bother if their terror act was going to maim and kill those whom they considered as “friends”.

Like Martin Luther King Jr. in his frustration with the substantial chasm between the legality and reality once remarked – “I want to be your brother, not your brother in law!”  Similarly, Muslims would do well to spare all of us by their “spin” on Jehad.  Because:

  • I find it an insult that your instinct to have friendship is Quran ordained (or you wouldn’t have gone ahead)!
  • I have not found a single Muslim who practices the Jehad of the “higher purpose”.  All those practicing Jehad are using the violent variety.  So what the heck do I do with the “peaceful” one?  It is for the museums or worse still to obfuscate the whole matters in the eyes of non-Muslims whom you target anyway – so lets cut the crap and look at it like that!

Pamela Geller of “Atlas Shrugged” took CAIR on in this campaign and started to set the record straight on Jehad using the quotes of the high profile Muslims with millions of followers – CAIR’s cute campaign notwithstanding!  She faced a lot of trouble with the local authorities who were trying to be “Politically Correct”, and so tripping over themselves making the CAIR people feel wanted.

Here is her discussion with Robert Spencer of JihadWatch:

Here are some of her ads:



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