Chanakya -Those who cannot change their situation need to learn how to cope with them

जिनमें स्तिथियों को बदलने का साहस नहीं होता, उन्हें स्तिथियों को सहना पड़ता है कल्याणी

Chanakya, the TV series, was one of the finest to have come on Indian TV.  Every one of its episode and dialog is still relevant today and in fact becomes more and more imperative to heed.  This one scene is my favorite for being so profound in its import.  I wanted to share this with you all.

Live and its situations are never in our hands 100%.  We cannot dictate things.  We need to learn to work for the change.  Either we bring that change about in the world or we change ourselves.  Those are really the only two options in our lives.  And, that’s what Chanakya explains to Kalyani in her depressed state.

And, this responsibility is the biggest with the women.  For, they shape humanity’s generations.  They have the possibility to effect that change intimately.  If they are willing to work on it.

This power to shape a generation is something that is not easily understood by many.  And it is a powerful realization.

That is where Chanakya is probing Kalyani and pushing her to realize her power that goes beyond the normal abilities of people around her.  Things may be what they are right now, but that they will remain so is not ordained.  She has the power to change them.  (Read about what Sage Vasistha taught Ram on self effort)

Another important part of this scene and other conversations that Chanakya has is that he had a great appreciation for the role of women in changing society.

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