Today's Ram never Existed!

Last updated on Sep 14, 2007

Posted on Sep 14, 2007

I often wonder if it is time that God be abolished from the public life?  The personalities that fill up the pantheon of "Gods" around the world are USED shamelessly by everyone.

In the US, when a politician or a pastor rapes young boys as a gay and he suddenly discovers Jesus.  When a player tortures animals and is in danger of losing everything – he suddenly finds Jesus lurking in the woodwork of his house and pulls out the trusted God-figure.

In India, Ram is used to a similar effect but in a totally different way.  Gandhi appeased the Muslims throughout his tenure as the defacto dictator of Indian Independence movement, yet he would like Vaishnav Jan…

Then one day, this young guy sick and tired of his hypocrisy gunned him down.  And what do you think he said while dying?  "Hey Ram".  Yeah right!  Congress, of which he was the fountainhead, had learnt the utility of Ram!  Isn’t it easy to make use of Ram and assuage the feelings of Hindus who were pissed off by Gandhi’s decision to force Congress’ and Government of India’s arm into gifting away Rs. 55 crores to Pakistan?  So, an entire new concept of dying-apostle-of peace-who-loved-his-Ram was born!  Except one problem – Gandhi never uttered those words!  In fact he never said anything when dying!  He…. well.. just died!!

That was also the era of passionate but honest Jan Sangh.  They were passionate about India and how it should look like.  You could have argued with them over their vision, but there was little hypocrisy in their utterances.  They said what they meant and did so honestly.

Years later, VHP and Shiv Sena came on the scene.  They again used Ram – and BJP latched on to the wagon.. well a Rath really.. when Advani took a quick round of the country to whip up some feelings for Ram’s birthplace.  BJP rode to victory on that Rath.. slowly but steadily through the traffic jam of regional parties.  Again, from Shiv Sena to BJP, Ram was a means to an end.  No one had understood Ram or cared for him!  They simply used him!

Now, someone came up with a Tughlak-ian idea of creating a channel between Sri Lanka and India.. and break up what was considered to be Ram Sethu – the man-made or monkey-made bridge that Ram used to attack Ravan.  In a government, that is built on appeasement of minorities and has very little, if any, liking for things Hindu is adamant that it wants to channel.

So, now, after all these years of worshipping and eulogizing a man who, they say, uttered "Hey Ram" when he died – so important was Ram ostensibly to him and who could apparently see Him in his death – the same Congress party, filed an affidavit that there was no proof that Ram ever existed!

When the obvious political incorrectness – of attacking the very faith of a large religious section hit them, they used another trump card!  A Catholic Christian was brought in to save Ram!  Sonia Gandhi "reprimanded" her team and ordered the withdrawal of the affidavit!

So, was the affidavit filed to really refute Ram’s existence or to build the Halo over "Soniaji" so that she would become kosher… or "pavitra" here-after and have a shot at the Indian PM-ship?

Is this her first salvo in preparation of the next year’s General Elections?

Meanwhile the "keepers" of Ram – VHP and the Togadias of the world have started their un_Ram-ic way to protest.  They want to burn down stuff and start killing!  If there was a way TODAY to completely throw people off from yourself.. this is it!  No one likes the Communists, except for some idiots living in Bengal and based on them they can do such things.  VHP doesn’t even have that!

As for the Archeological Survey of India’s record, the less said the better!  When it has been incontrovertibly proved by scientific evidence that population did not come IN from Europe to India but went OUT from India to Europe – it still hasn’t done much to change the non-sensical "Aryan Invasion Theory"!  WHat about Saraswati river?  Until NASA’s space pictures proved it, these bunch of jokers rejected that too!  Same was the case with submerged Dwarka city.. until under sea excavation found an entire city to be existing!

Have you ever watched the History channel in the US?  There are detailed and scientific pursuits on Joan of Arc, the Holy Grail, and Shroud of Turin.  Not frivolous but serious ones!  Same goes for Jesus’ tomb as "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" suggested!  That is serious stuff!

For an organization that cannot even add 2 and 2 to get to 4, but would rather remain at 3 because that is how their masters – the Brits – taught them 100 years back.. doing serious work is really out of question!  So, as for the worth of their affidavit, its really not worth the paper it is written on!

Now, about existence of Ram.  Really speaking, there is NO incontrovertible evidence of any God to have existed in ancient or modern times.. or even a Prophet or Son of God.  There is yet to be an evidence which can say that Prophet Mohammad really existed and if he did, he was a real Prophet and not someone hallucinating and going up the mountain to pull up some revelations like quote of the day variety!

In the same way, it might be true that Ram did not ever exist.  And if he did, he was indeed a reincarnation.  That does not matter in my view with regards to spirituality.  I have been reading Vasistha Yoga.  Its the minutes of the classroom where Vasistha is teaching Ram and what has been said in those pages is THE most profound thing ever written in man-kind.  The question that Ram asks, at least the Ram of the book, are simply outstanding!  They are the questions that I would have also liked to ask of a Guru but haven’t found a Guru who would (i) let me ask them, and (ii) answer them as diligently and intelligently as Vasistha, ok – the Vasistha of the book, has answered them!

Vasistha Yoga’s study also showed me one thing – that the Ram of that epic treatise is not the Ram that is worshipped and used all over India!  Even the Ram that Guru Nanak Dev and Kabir sang to is not the one that VHP rushed to defend or the Congress rushes to disprove or Gandhi called for in his death!  That Ram – the real Ram – exists no more!

So, even though ASI did not really mean it in that sense, it did speak a Freudian truth.  Ram – of today – never existed!

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