Today’s Song: Hamne Dekhi hai in ankhon ki mehakti khushbu

Hamne Dekhi Hai In Ankhon ki from the movie “Khamoshi” (1969) sung by Lata (Music by Hemant Kumar & lyrics by Gulzar)

Since we are on the love theme until the Valentine’s Day – I thought let me kick this period off with one song that most aptly puts my idea of “love” into words. Never has this concept been so well put in words as by Gulzar in this one song. And Lata did wonders with this. Of course, the music from – in my personal view – the most under-rated Music Composer of the Indian Cinema – Hemant Kumar! His other amazing movie score was for Sahib, Bibi aur Ghulam – all female songs and every one a hit!

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