Ethereal Madhubala in the evergreen song of Romantic Ironies!

Ethereal Madhubala in the evergreen song of Romantic Ironies!

Let us talk about love – romance.  Something that makes words dance into a mystical poem, or strings into a lovely song.

Here is one song that is one of my top favorites in that genre. Sahir was a master lyricist and shayar. Listening to this song it is obvious why! He has used the verbal ironies so beautifully that it is breath-taking!

Ajnabi si ho magar gair nahin lagti ho
Waham se bhi jo ho naazuk; wo yaqeen lagti ho.

Unknown as yet, who does not seem like a stranger;
More delicate than a doubt; such a conviction you are!

Sung beautifully by Rafi (and as I said in an earlier Rafi vs Kishore Kumar discussion, this is one of those songs which Kishore would have floundered BIG TIME coming even halfway of what Rafi did with it!).

Roshan the music director and the grand-dad of current superstar Hrithik Roshan, was in my personal view, the greatest music composer for qawwalis. He single-handedly must have given half of at least the top ten qawwalis in Indian movies of all time!

Madhubala and her smile

What makes this song ethereal for me is the captivating Madhubala and her smile.  She could carry an entire song with just her smile.  I have spent many a day just looking at her subtle beauty with a view to capture it in my drawings and have failed.  Read about Madhubala and her entire life story in this post (Madhubala – timeless yet ephemeral)

List to each word and marvel at how perfection sounds and looks when everything comes together – heavenly and divine voice, heart-rending lyrics, soulful music and captivating beauty.

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