Today’s Song: Ae Meri Zohrajabeen by Manna Dey

Today’s Song: Ae Meri Zohrajabeen by Manna Dey

Ae Meri Zohrajabeen from the movie “Waqt” sung by Manna Dey (Music by Ravi & lyrics by Sahir)

In this series, this is the first song from Manna Dey. I think he happens to be the best classical singer in the bollywood history. He himself admits that Rafi was better than him, but there really is not much comparison.

This song is an iconic song from Manna Dey. It remains the only one in its area. The initial part of the song (alaap) is sung so well .. its twists and turns.. and then to the start of the song itself is just marvelous.

Even the acting by Balraj Sahni in this song was very endearing!

Audio File: Track 01 – Ae Meri Zohrajabeen.mp3

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