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Two More Attack Helicopters From India By March, Another Two By July, Says Afghanistan’s NSA

Afghanistan’s 35-year-old National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib has recently had talks with his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval and top officials of the NSC where various issues were believed to have been discussed. Chief among them was the security situation in Afghanistan with President Donald Trump planning a troop withdrawal of US troops from the country. Other issues included the process of talking to the Taliban and presidential polls.

In an interview to SNI’s Associate Editor Amitabh P Revi, the former Afghan Envoy to Washington and Ex-Deputy Chief of Staff to President Ashraf Ghani spoke on these matters and other issues of concern to Afghanistan. This included the US Strategic Partnership with Afghanistan and the recent comments by President Trump on the then-Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. On the India side, Dr Mohib spoke about Prime Minister Modi and the ‘Modi’ effect on India-Afghanistan relations. He also spoke about Pakistan, safe havens and sanctuaries and tackling the roots of terrorism in the country.
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