Unemployment rates and Web Search trends

Last updated on Jan 30, 2009

Posted on Jan 30, 2009

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These days when the unemployment is running real high, the anxiety in the population is going up as well!  When anxiety rises, so do the searches for those areas.

Google has given the trends in search for “Unemployment” and how it has gone up almost 3 times this year!  It clearly shows that people are looking for stuff that is linked to unemployment – benefits, coaching, ideas, thoughts, help etc.  And these are not the times when one can easily move from one job to another and hope that things will be hunkry dory.  It wont be!  Things will take time to get better.  When?  is anybody’s guess.  I am predicting that this will go worse for next 1 year at least, before it has any hope of improving.

Here is another chart from Technorati – the aggregator for the blogs.  As you can see, people are also blogging more on this topic!!

Now, look at the regions which have searched most for this key word.. and then look at where the unemployment rates are the highest.. and you will see a pattern.

State-wise break up of Searches

1. Oregon
2. Nevada
3. New York
4. Wisconsin
5. Minnesota
6. Ohio
7. New Jersey
8. Pennsylvania
9. Kentucky
10. Indiana

Interesting insight huh?

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