Unnao Case – Kuldeep Sengar needs exemplary punishment!

Unnao Case – Kuldeep Sengar needs exemplary punishment!

When one of my relatives filed a lawsuit against my mother, my sisters and I, for the property, I was on the verge of winning the case when that person filed a will of my grandmother that we all knew was fake.  When I went to my lawyer, now a judge, he said “I know the will is fake.  And, as a lawyer, I can tell you that I can prove it as well.  But it will take 5 years at least.  So as your friend I will say that cut your losses and negotiate and get out of this.”  That was the best advice I got.  But it was hard to handle because someone with resources had managed to make me accept her terms on the basis of her larger resources and ability to defraud the system.  These two – larger resources and unscrupulous ways used unabashedly – are the most potent forces in the Indian legal system.

Justice in India is a tough process.   And often it lets the criminal succeed.

When Kuldeep Sengar raped a minor girl who had gone to him looking for a job on 4 June 2017, he thought that he could get away with it based on his political power.  After all, he had been in Bahujan Samaj Party and the Samajwadi Party and was now in BJP and so was well connected with the political cadres of various parties.  He had won Unnao Sadar for BSP – which they won for the first time in their history.

He was taken into custody by the Central Bureau of Investigation and then arrested based on orders given by suo moto cognizance taken by the Allahabad High Court.

The CBI also has corroborated the charges of the victim.  He was booked under the Indian Penal Code and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences.

On July 28th, 2019, however, in an accident where a truck with blackened number plates hit the car on the highway carrying the victim, her Aunts, and the lawyer – two Aunts died and the victim and her lawyer were critically injured.

The driver of the truck had earlier threatened the family saying that they will be killed one way or the other if they did not withdraw the complaint.  Sengar has now been booked for murder, attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy, and criminal intimidation.

Based on massive outrage, he was expelled from the BJP.  He should have been expelled long back.

Dharma, morality etc etc

Let me say right away – Dharma is not morality as many would like to bastardize that verity of spiritual path.  Dharma is being aligned to ways that promote Truth, the one existential truth.  That can lead to committing murder sometimes – like in the case of a terrorist; or giving up your own life – like when you are trying to save a child from a raging fire.  Therefore, Dharma is NOT‌ any moral stand, nor ethical idea and certainly not mindless preconceived “non-violence”.  Dharma is aligned to life.  In its raw sense.  Does your action – given you situation and role – promote life (and consequently the Truth)?  If yes, you are aligned with Dharma.  If not, then you are not.

So, I do not approach this with any moral or ethical viewpoint.  But Dharmic.

From the standpoint of BJP, it is imperative to promote the life force on a larger scale within India and to maintain the spiritual ethos, to get the ability in the parliament to pass bills that are needed.  Now, inability to pass the bills to do away with Articles 35A and 370, Kashmir issue cannot be handled properly.  Which leads to many thousands of deaths and violations of hundreds and thousands of lives.

Is it ok therefore to align with forces and people who are not really above the cut?  For that one needs to ask the question – is it ok to uphold your morals and judgments on people while losing thousands of jawans and common men and women?  Is your idea of “good” more important than someone’s life?  Thousands of lives?!

When you pay out your ideological morals and ethics in context of what they lead to, then your alignment or otherwise with Dharma is crystal clear.

People like Kuldeep Sengar (and many others – specifically in Goa), are not the kind of people that any Dharmically inclined person (like the PM‌ Modi) would like to bring on board in normal times.  But when you have thousands of lives to save and a majority in Parliament is preventing him from doing it, then it is Dharmic for him to go ahead and add in that filth to the mix to get that number.

While such filth is added on to the mix, lines need to be drawn and leverage extracted to ensure that they do not go beyond some boundaries.  The Lakshman Rekha.  Kuldeep Sengar went beyond ALL‌ limits and boundaries.

Let us be very clear – people like Kuldeep Sengars and others are expendable.  They are filth that need to be used for the larger good.  For sustenance of life in many thousands.

However, in specific case of Sengar, he can be dealt with easily.  And thrown out.  And taught a lesson.  Now, inspite the fact that he had joined BJP, the CBI took its course on the case and arrested him.  BJP did NOT‌ shield him.

The right punishment

He needs some much stronger lessons to stop his filth train.  And, that is where he needs to be made a pariah and a weak man with no base and power.  And ensure that he is in jail for life.

Supreme Court has yesterday come up with relief for the survivor and the victim.

The Supreme Court on Thursday set a 45-day deadline for trial in the five cases related to the Unnao rape survivor even as it directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to complete the probe in the woman’s accident case within a week. The court also directed the Uttar Pradesh government to provide Rs 25 lakh to the rape survivor as interim compensation.(source)

This is a good way to ensure that the victim/survivor gets at least some relief.  And, that justice is served ASAP.

However, real justice will be to give exemplary punishment to the criminal Sengar so people cannot use their brute force to get power and ability to molest and victimize.

Brute force cannot and should not be allowed to manifest social power.

That will be justice.  One that aligns with Dharma and the foundational ethos (not morality) of the society.

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