US cutting a deal with the Taliban!

I have got to blog this!  US is at it again!  It just doesnt want to do anything worthwhile where the problem is…. but goes around killing innocent civilians and then howling that those poor folks with no power are not taking "charge" of their country!!

US earlier helped the entire Taliban escape from Afghanistan…. and now is preparing to cut a deal with them.. why?  Dont ask… this Government is full of a bunch of losers!  While they are creating a mess again.. India should be wary and look at all this very closely!!

First signs of impending overtures to Taliban from Washington came last month when Bush and his aides gingerly supported Pakistan’s agreement with Taliban in the Waziristan province, a deal which was panned in strategic circles as a sell-out to extremists at the expense of US and NATO ground troops in Afghanistan.
Undeterred by the criticism, the Bush subsequently persuaded Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who is vehemently opposed to the deal, to ‘wait and see’ how the Pakistani deal works.
Now comes advice from Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist that the Bush administration should consider bringing Taliban back into the power equation in Kabul.
Arguing that Taliban fighters were "too numerous and too popular" to be defeated, Frist told reporters after a visit to Afghanistan last weekend that "You need to bring them (Taliban) into a more transparent type of government… And if that’s accomplished, we’ll be successful."
"Approaching counterinsurgency by winning hearts and minds will ultimately be the answer. Military versus insurgency one-to-one doesn’t sound like it can be won. It sounds to me… that the Taliban is everywhere," he was quoted as saying.
The remarks sparked outrage in US political-strategic circles with critics panning Frist, who is a doctor by profession, of waving the white flag before elements who helped perpetuate 9/11.
"Senator Frist now suggests that the best way forward in Afghanistan is to coddle the Taliban by welcoming Taliban members into a coalition government, as if 9/11 had never happened," Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi chafed in a statement. Frist, who is a Republican Presidential aspirant in 2008, was also criticized by John Kerry.

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