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US State Department did not even know of Pakistan PM’s visit just 10 days back!

We talked about how when Imran Khan landed in Washington DC, there was no one from the US State Department to even welcome him.

One comes to know that as late as July 10th, the US State Department had absolutely no idea about Imran Khan’s visit!

Pakistan got a face saving when the White House did send out a press release saying that the visit was on cards and President Trump would meet with Imran Khan.

One wonders as to who really sets these visits up for the Pakistani leaders.  But it is clear that they are not talking the US State Department or are just not on the same page with them.

If the State Department (or the foreign department) in US is not ready for Imran Khan, and only President Trump is to have a tete-a-tete with the Pakistan PM, then it really doesn’t have too much of significance.