Victims of an imaginary virtue cannot be expected to be its Guardians!

The Indian Army, which should have ensured the safety and return of Pandits, was busy in un-necessary and fruitless tit-for-tats with these inhuman terrorists.

Enough water has flown below the bridge, while the sensitivities of Kashmiri Muslims have been front page news, and actions, which have virtually hijacked the agenda of the entire region to align with their demands – emotions of others in that state have been simmering.

There comes a time when the Atlas is no longer willing to bear the weight of the everyone’s world and gets up to rid it off the entire nonsense.

“Oh, it is so irresponsible!”
“It will break the fabric of secularism in India”
“This will take the society over the edge”.
“Kashmir will break away from India”

Awww.. . Really??

There are times when no matter how much one tries to give wings to nonsense, it fails to fly… and it falls on its own weight.  This is one of those times!  All those things, Kashmiriyat, Kashmir’s integrity, and peace HAS to be despite of Kashmiri pandits anger and NOT because of them … this time!!  Let the rest get these things for the country this time!!

Yes, of course, BJP is an opportunistic party.  They are using the Hindus of Jammu, many among them are Pandits from north.  Yes, they will use this as an election plank.

But, EVERY.. every.. I really mean EVERY need and plight – from poverty to reservations for the disadvantaged to poor infrastructure to education.. every pain of common man has been used again and again as a plank!  So how is it different this time??

How is this opportunistic plank ANY different from Garibi Hatao??  Tell me?  It was an insincere agenda.. so is this apparently.  At the very least, a community which none wanted to even listen to or talk to has been given a voice!!  Even if THAT is accomplished – it is more than enough!

And isn’t that a victory of democracy for THEM?  That they are being heard!  Now, to expect they should still bear the burden of virtues while the rest have no such pretensions is downright idiocy and hypocrisy!

If secularism and peace has to be achieved then it cannot be achieved at the expense of one or the other!  It has to be uniform and common for all.  When in any place anyone is hurt, entire machinery looks after him/her irrespective of his/her religion or caste, THEN it is secularism.

If, when the first Pandit was threatened, every activist and pacifist worth a name had gone and peacefully agitated within that society and made sure that further atrocities were obviated then THAT would have been a victory of pacifism and secularism!

When one sees only lectures to a community that has been forced to lose all, about the virtues of self-created weighted words that define the hypocrisy of our age, then one finds it difficult to even take such people seriously.  For Pandits and Hindus agitating in Jammu to back down will be a failure of secularism NOT its victory!

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