Was this an attempt on Musharraf's life?

Assassinations using the aircrafts are a favorite ploy in the sub-continent!  When Sanjay Gandhi was killed it was a plane.  When Zia-ul-Haq was killed it was a plane.  When Madhav Rao Scindia was killed it was a plane.  Now, Musharraf was about to say good bye to his life.  But was saved by a hair’s breadth perhaps!  He probably took a different helicopter than he was supposed to.

Musharraf is a survivor is anything!  He can turn any odds against him from the way he has shaped up over the years.  Something inside me says that one day we may see him as the "Most Wanted" in US foreign affair circles.  He will be where Osama and Saddam were yesterday and today.

The medium-lift helicopter, which was carrying Musharraf’s spokesman Rashid Qureshi and other security and staff officials, was following the President’s aircraft when it crashed near Gari Dupata town after catching fire, military spokesman Maj Gen Waheed Arshad said.
Qureshi and three other officers were injured and were taken to a hospital in Muzaffarabad.
Four soldiers had died in the accident, Arshad said.

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