Watch how Arvind Kejriwal plays the Pakistani Game in Delhi

Watch how Arvind Kejriwal plays the Pakistani Game in Delhi

In times of crisis, it is important to know who is with you and who is not.  In terms of a nation’s crisis, the nation should know who is with it and who is not.

There will be many who will use the crisis to sow division and confusion.  Confusion is the greatest PsyOps weapon that the enemy can have.  And, many nations, when they are at war, do just that – sow confusion in the masses of the enemy nation.  Those who help them sow confusion are their assets.

Arvind Kejriwal is one of those assets that Pakistan has in India.  There are many others.  But he is a very potent one.  Let us check out his statements

BEFORE the Indian air strike

(when he apparently thought that Modi Government will do nothing and chided it that it hadn’t in so many days) and

AFTER the air strike

(when it was clear that Modi Govt had done something remarkable and will get a boost in people’s eyes!).

You must remember that in those days – the run up to the Indian Air strike – even the Pakistani channels were mocking the Indian PM and the forces the same way.  “What can they do?” “Can they even do anything?”  “They don’t have it in them to do it”.  Do you see where the origin of the “talking points” for Arvind Kejriwal is?

And his antics have not been a complete waste.  They have been noticed in the nation whose asset he has worked hard to be, but even recognized for his performance on their national TV.

When a rogue, terror nation is eulogizing you for doing their job, then you need to pause and think as to where are you headed.  If you don’t and continue with your treasonous ways, then you can’t blame the people if they call you an anti-national traitor.

And, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that you are in opposition to BJP or PM Modi.  BJP or Modi did not push you to take your stance that you did.  You did on your own.  Hopefully fully sober (in Delhi Assembly you better be!) and in sanity.

If you work to sow confusion and make statements that you know will bolster the narrative of the enemy’s PsyOps and demoralize the Indian forces, and still do that from the august premises of the legislative assembly of nation’s capital – then it shows that you have worked hard to earn the crown of being an anti-national traitor on your own merit!  BJP or Modi has nothing to do with that.  You are what you have worked for!

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