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Welfare money is a career choice of 6 million Britons!

Pride in its population is a natural corollary of a nation where people through sheer hard work or by strength of the gun have made themselves rich.  This pride often manifests in increasing benefits for the people so that no one is poor.  Its then about the collective image.  However, these benefits have their own life.  After some years, they have a strange narcotic effect.  It becomes an addiction.  Now, its a right as opposed to a special act.  Most of Western European societies are in that phase, where welfare benefits have become an addiction and a right without responsibilities.  Such that people now plan their lives around welfare benefits itself.  They do not factor in the need for work.  The constituency of such welfare-careerists becomes so big in a democracy that it can be a difficult one to NOT appease for the politicians.

In Britain, the problem of welfare state has become so severe that 6 million Britons are jobless and benefits are the way of life for them!  The cost to exchequer is £13billion!  That’s a lot of money that the productive Britain donates to the unproductive one.  This equation between productive to unproductive population percentage is, in the end, what determines the prosperity of a country.  And productivity comes in different ways.  Being less than productive also has the same effect as being non productive.  It is about the results and what you add to the economy that counts not about how much action you undertake.

The committee’s report pointed out that the burden of worklessness is being borne by the country at a time when an expanding economy has produced record levels of employment. The proportion of working age people with jobs has reached a historic high of just under 75 per cent.  At the same time, the official unemployment tally says only a few more than 800,000 are out of a job and able to work.
However evidence has been piling up that millions of Britons have been content to spend entire lives on benefits while four out of every five new jobs have been taken by immigrants.

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