What is a bigger threat? Big Government or Big Business

Last updated on Apr 28, 2009

Posted on Apr 28, 2009

Big Governments are not good for any country.  Coming from India and having lived through the Nationalization era, I can say that the lesser the Government was involved in the many things, the better it has been for the lives of people.

But then the other question is – is Big Business good?  Now, that isn’t good either.  Look at how oligopolies do.  The oil companies, the airlines industries have not done well for the customers after the acquisition.

So, one does tend to ask – Which is worse?  Big Government or the Big Business.

Well, here is an article based on a Gallup poll which shows that people who believe that Big Government is a bigger threat have reduced compared to those who view the Big Business as a big threat.  Although as expected, the trends amongst the Republicans and Democracts are reversed.

In the chart below which traces this question over the history, that Big labor ceased to be a real BIG threat sometime in 1980s.  And over the years, the citizens have felt that the Government is the biggest threat to the nation.  However, there has been a rising trend of the number of people believing so.

Reference Links:

1. Big Gov’t. Still Viewed as Greater Threat Than Big Business

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