What did Dr Swamy just say about INX case?

What did Dr Swamy just say about INX case?

The whole drama of Chidambaram’s absconding and then finally showing up at the Congress HQ and then getting arrested by the CBI is going on.  What people missed out was a factoid that Dr. Subramanian Swamy shared in his interviews.  In one of the interviews, however, he laid it out plainly.  In other interviews, he kept saying that Chidambaram got something from the INX deal that he would rather not say on TV.

But in this interview with TimesNow, he clearly said what Chidambaram got.  While, he asked that Karti Chidambaram be paid a sum of money, for himself he wanted something else.  He wanted “company of two cinema actresses”.  What did he mean by that?

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