When HuffPost Editor's Fake Anti-NRC story Fell Flat!

When HuffPost Editor's Fake Anti-NRC story Fell Flat!

Trying to create false narratives, whether half real or fictional is the standard way of the anti-Modi and Hinduphobic Leftists of India.  They cook up stories that do not even have basics right simply in order to create sympathy for some random Muslim and hand him a victim card.  Little realizing that this fetish to create false ideological narratives is the last thing that will ensure prosperity of that community.

It is well known that communities that fall into this victimhood trap, can rarely ever prosper.  At best, they will be nuisance to the society.  At their worst, a terror weapon.

So this guy – a HuffPost India editor – Ankur Pathak wanted to create a false narrative that was designed to be the most “perfect leftist idea” – a Muslim who studied in a school in a temple in – guess where? – Vrindavan!!  Vrindavan, one of the holiest cities for Hindus.  So his thread on twitter created a sob story.

HuffPost Editor

Looked like it was right out of the Leftist anti-Modi best practices book.  It had all the right items checked – Victim Muslim, Heartless and bad Hindu friends, and all of that in Vrindavan – Krishna’s birth-place!  And, NRC thrown in for good measure.  This HuffPost Editor was a man on a mission and he got just the perfect person and perfect story, if you believed him!  A Leftist Orgasmic Nirvana, if you will.

Except he forgot that the basics of his fictional account didn’t add up.

And, Shefali Vaidya (and others) called it out while tagging Uber to the story.  She argued, if he was an Uber driver, did he not have a Driver’s license?  Were his papers not vetted by Uber?  Was he driving without license and proper papers – registration etc?

Uber was forced to clarify.  And, they did.  They check everything!  Including of course the Driver’s license.

The story fell flat!  Completely!

The point to ponder here is not the perfidious and dangerous ways of the Anti-Modi (now turned Hinduphobic and anti-India) gang.  But that it is perfectly fine by them for Muslims to show enough documentation of one’s credibility to Uber, but outrageous for Muslims (as any other citizen) to show a MUCH lesser evidence of credibility to the government!  After all, one of the things that NRC includes is that if no documentation is there, then one can bring their own witnesses, which Uber doesn’t.  Uber doesn’t replace a driver’s license with someone without license coming with four of his friends to say that he knows how to drive!

Do you see the diabolical farce being played on the country in the garb of “liberalism” as exemplified by this HuffPost editor’s public rant?

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