When the dead of Christchurch attack are just Tools of Conquest

When the dead of Christchurch attack are just Tools of Conquest

Last Friday, a guman (an Australian) fired and killed 50 people in two mosques and injured at least 50 others.  In the deadliest shooting in New Zealand history, the white nationalist even had his manifesto, which show-cased his views.  Clearly anti-Muslim and anti-immigration in intent and construction.

When the dead of Christchurch attack are just Tools of Conquest  Click To Tweet

After all that, the 38 year old Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, had led the charge for the nation in mourning, which did endear her to many in her nation and around the world.

She also took this opportunity to announce a change in the gun laws in New Zealand.  So deep was her feeling on this tragedy that she refused to even name the killer.

IN a statement on March 17, the New Zealand Premier made it clear that her government will bear the funeral expenses of those who have been killed.

“For ACC — as I’ve said before immigration status is not a factor — it is based on the event happening here in New Zealand,” the prime minister wote in a statement March 17. “In an event such as this — murder or manslaughter — the family is eligible for a funeral grant of around $10,000.”

The support page of Accident Compensation Corporation has given more information on this.  The $10,000 for the funeral or memorial will be available tax free and the funeral or memorial could be held in the country or abroad.

I have not seen a more compassionate and human response by any government post any terror shooting.

And, then comes this video.  A Jordanian Professor calls upon the “Muslims in the West” to use the goodwill that has been generated towards them after the mosque shootings in Christchurch, to start converting non-Muslims into the fold of Islam!  He is not alone in his machinations.  One has seen the views of many such Muslim leaders who want to use this tragedy to their advantage.  And also where regular lay Muslims want to normalize the regressive ways of the Islamic world piggy-backing on the compassion and good-will generated. Christchurch killings were barbaric, yes.  But that does not sanitize the ills of the Islamic world and its narrative!

While for Jacinda Ardern and millions of those in the West who have tried to work on the healing, Christchurch was about introspection and improvement; for the leaders of the community that was hit, the dead were mere tools.  Those who had died had many in the world in tears.  To this man, they were mere canon-fodder to be used for Islamic hegemony and conquest.

Harbir Singh tweeted something that kind of captures the wave of compassion and the hypocrisy hidden somewhere in there.

You see there are two standards here.  There is one outward compliance with the “Islamic customs” and the financial/social compassion and then there is work for real empowerment and harmony.  While the former is laudable and clap-worthy, it is the latter that will bring real transformation.

Harbir was bang on in terms of how the traffic of compassion is just one-way.  Because it rides on the back of hypocrisy.

Scores and hundreds are killed in Islamic terror attacks across the world and in Islamic countries.  Hardly any minority is even tolerated within the main Islamic countries.  Opening of a say, a Temple or a Gurudwara or a Church is an extreme rarity, if not impossibility.

Women are treated like slaves and objects of male perversion with the instruction of Hijab because without all that covering a woman “distracts” the males.  The inability of Muslim males to keep a check on their libido puts a cost and burden on Muslim women.  Its their problem if a man can’t keep himself in check.

Regression is so inbuilt and deeply intertwined within the Islamic world that the entire world outside sees that as normal.

Normalizing regression at home and clamoring for rights and compassion outside is the way the Islamists have functioned for so many centuries now.

That is why in a mindset and ethos which is tuned for male conquest of the world, where the only relevant interests that need be served are of those men, everything is a tool.  From their own dead to their women.  From their own libido to instantaneous outpouring of compassion of others.

It is all just a game.  Of conquest.

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