White Supremacy Becomes Official Against People of Indian Origin

White Supremacy Becomes Official Against People of Indian Origin

The first half of the 20th century was the period when the United Stated of America pass Federal laws that were explicitly racist against all people of Indian origin. The US Supreme Court passed a judgment that Indians were non-White, and hence not eligible to get US citizenship. Many Indians had become prosperous landowners and had to forfeit their land. Immediately thereafter, the US Senate and Congress passed a law that 70% of all new immigrants would be from England, Germany and Ireland, and none would be Asians, especially Indians. It was only in the era of President Johnson that African Americans succeeded in passing Civil Rights Laws that ended blatant and legalized racism in the US. As a result of these breakthroughs won by Blacks, the Immigration Bill of 1965 overturned the old bans on Indian immigration. This is what opened the gates for Indians to migrate the USA. Considering how recent this history is, and how much oppression the people of Indian origin faced, it is shocking that this chapter of American history is hardly ever taught. Few NRIs even know this background.

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