Who the Heck is Markandey Katju to Canvas for Sanjay Dutt and Zaibunissa Kazi?

Who the Heck is Markandey Katju to Canvas for Sanjay Dutt and Zaibunissa Kazi?

Lately India has become a “free for all”.  Now, there is not even a pretense of being “above board” and impartial.  Markandey Katju, the ex-Justice and the present Chief of the Press Council of India has done it again.

He had earlier discussed his disdain for Narendra Modi and a few other leaders.  And now he has been canvassing for pardon of sentences for those who have been charged for terrorist acts against people of India.

We will get to the ridiculousness of his argument and those of others, but first things first.

Who the bloody heck is Markarndey Katju??  Why is he still serving as the chief of PCI?  If those at the helm of a body that monitors and handles Press organizations is an aggressive evangelist and enjoys taking sides, making comments that are clearly partisan – then how can one ever be sure of non-partisanship of the Indian press?

It is NOT a case of whether there is any merit in his arguments or not, but the fact that he is siding with one party or the other is damning to the very credibility of India’s Press.

The problem is he probably wanted to be an OpEd writer in a daily, and not the head of Press Council of India.  He has landed a job that he is clearly (1) not suited for (2) has no idea what it entails.  And in all this media organizations seem to be reveling it.  These press organizations have obviously lost all integrity and aren’t concerned that they are destroying the very industry that they are in.  Because sooner or later, public will create a huge uproar and disruptive technologies will beget some disruptive player into the game.

Now about the ridiculous argument that Sanjay Dutt and Zaibunissa Kazi have “suffered enough” and so should be pardoned.  Pardon me, but HOW EXACTLY have they suffered?  Were they holed in the jail the whole time?  Was Sanjay Dutt going through the whole jail term that he deserves for collaborating with the terrorists who killed so many in Mumbai?

More importantly, how does ANYONE measure the suffering of a victim who has ruthlessly killed hundreds for nothing more than the reason that he was angry with someone .. other than his victims?

We are entering an era, where terrorists need to be treated with Zero Tolerance mindset.  At this time, there is no reason why any pardons should be done for anyone who has been implicated with mass murder.  Dutt and Kazi did it and they should get the punishment for it.  Period.  After all, they weren’t remorseful that they had taken so many young, fledgling and wonderful lives down just because of their anger.

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