Why is Congress Representing and Backing Christian Michel?

Why is Congress Representing and Backing Christian Michel?

Christian Michel has been caught and extradited to India and is now in CBI custody.  That has ominous portends for Congress, specifically the Gandhis.  So, who is representing this fugitive from Italy?  A lawyer named Aljo K Joseph.  He also happens to be the national in-charge for Youth Congress’s legal department.

So, the vigilant twitterati asked the obvious question – Why is a Congress attorney defending Michel?  Why is Congress so interested in defending this fugitive?

To this, Joseph gave a seemingly interesting reply.

“I’m an actively practising advocate. I appeared for him (Michel) in my professional capacity. If somebody asks me to appear on behalf of a client, I’ve only discharged my duty as a lawyer. It has nothing to do with Congress,” he said.

Which, incidentally Hindustan Times says came – “after right wing activists highlighted his Congress links on social media”.  Interesting way for this so-called media house to discredit others for doing the job that Hindustan TImes should have done in the first place.  The problem with journalists in India is that they are so busy carrying the water for their political masters – most Modi-hating parties and organizations – and doing “hit jobs” that they are not even asking the obvious questions.  Which the people are asking on Social Media now.  So what do these journalists do then?  They discredit those who now do the job of being the Fourth pillar that media had to be doing!  Look at this picture for instance:

Or this tweet, where he is welcomed as the lawyer by the Youth Congress.

For, what was found out via post by ANI is that this “in my personal capacity” lawyer from Congress was discussing stuff with theCongress general secretary Deepak Babaria at their HQ in Delhi right after he had represented Michel in front of the CBI.  A video that this advocate did not want to be filmed or shared!

SO what was he doing?

Now, irrespective of these rather hackneyed denials by such political representatives acting as professional lawyers or the hit job by media like Hindustan Times, the real question IS as to why is Congress backing and representing Christian Michel?

Why would a party which is fighting elections to be electing the next Prime Minister so hell bent on saving a fugitive who took huge bribes from Indian tax payer’s money?  Is Congress for or against India?

Featured Image from Aljo Joseph’s FB page

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