Why is Anti-Modi Group so Heavily Invested in Ishrat Jahan?

With the interviews of IB Special director Rajinder Kumar and the ex-Home Secretary GK Pillai, a few things are clear about the Ishrat Jahan case.

  1. It was an organized plot to trap LeT by the Indian intelligence where Ishrat Jahan and other LeT operatives got caught in an attempt to murder Narendra Modi.
  1. Some top Congress government leader changed the 2nd affidavit filed by Ministry of Home Affairs where the reference to Ishrat Jahan being an LeT operative was taken out.

This tampering of the affidavit right when IB’s input to MHA was that Ishrat Jahan has been confirmed to be an LeT operative shows that there was serious foul play.

Once at that time, the foundation was laid for declaring Ishrat Jahan to be an “innocent” young girl as was being purported by many mainstream journalists just some days back as well, the move to call her and her associates’ death as “fake encounter” was then undertaken.  Outpouring of “love for Ishrat” happened from career-activists, Secular parties and many Islamic and Communist organizations!

5. The argument that a “Fake encounter” was done against an “innocent Muslim girl” was then used to build arguments against Narendra Modi and “manufacture” his “anti-Muslim” image.  An image that could be used in domestic and international stage to bring him down along with BJP.

  1. The allegations of 2002 riots and Ishrat Jahan case were used to hit Modi by all Opposition Parties.

So, one could conclude that this whole Ishrat Jahan case was tampered for simply one purpose – bringing Modi down.


Well, that’s highly fishy!!

From 2002 to 2007 – here was the break-up of the encounters in various states:  Uttar Pradesh 231, Rajasthan 33, Maharashtra 31, Delhi 26, Andhra Pradesh 22, Uttaranchal 19, Assam 12, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka 10 each, Tamil Nadu 9, West Bengal 8, Bihar, Haryana 6 and Gujarat 5.

Now, there were FIVE other encounters to USE for these political parties to “nail” Modi.  If “fake encounter” route was such a hot one that had to be used, then why not other other 4?

Why Ishrat Jahan?

Despite the intelligence!  Despite her being an LeT operative!  Despite documented evidence!

Was “Bring down Modi” the main goal and Ishrat a tool for that?  Or  worse still – was Saving Ishrat Jahan the MAIN GOAL?!!

Remember Ishrat Jahan and her Jehadi partners (yes that innocent girl spent nights with these men in several cities) were preparing to assassinate Narendra Modi.  Was that the political goal of some Indian political/NGO group or a mere LeT agenda?

Because the way the activists and political parties have behaved since Ishrat’s death – it seems they have lost their greatest asset!  Like their first-born daughter itself!  “Bihar ki beti” wasn’t so off the mark – was it?

Why is Ishrat Jahan so important?  Why when she has turned out to be a bad tool to get Modi – be dumped by these opportunists?

Or is it that she WAS the asset?!

It almost seems as if – the Politicians/NGOs/Islamists/Communists combine had invested heavily in Ishrat Jahan and her group to carry out assassination of Narendra Modi.  Unfortunately for them, the Indian intelligence caught the wind and drew them out to engage and kill.  If they hadn’t been killed but taken through the courts, the anti-Modi powers who had “hired” Ishrat Jahan, would have gotten her and the operatives free anyways.  So when not only were Ishrat/partners compromised but also killed, the red-faced anti-Modi group couldn’t stand the “insult”.  Now, they wanted to use this very “loss” to still get Modi anyhow.  This time using the “human rights” excuse.  And so, Ishrat Jahan was then converted into an “innocent young Muslim girl”.

Of course in all of this India’s National Integrity was shred into pieces by the highest in the land under the Manmohan Singh Government in an attempt to kill Modi.

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