Why is Narendra Modi so popular – his interaction with the pseudos from Indian press

Last updated on Feb 21, 2008

Posted on Feb 21, 2008

This is a rather interesting video of Narender Modi on his address at the HT Summit and his intereaction with the mainstream journalists (mostly of pseudo-secular variety).  What is interesting is how these guys keep on trying to take him off topic and how he keeps putting them off.  This video shows the intelligence of Modi and the fact that he knows what he is doing.  Most of what he says made complete sense in terms of the economic realities of the country.

There was one incident in this video which I found to be the most interesting.  Rajeev Shukla taunts him on his discussion of Gandhi in his address as his “inspiration”.  Modi’s answer is that his relationship is akin to Gandhi-Bose relationship, and he taunts him back by saying at least Shukla would know that part of the Congress History!  It was a very intelligent reply veiled in history (post Haripura elections).  It was clear that neither Shukla nor any other “intellectual” in that room got the import.  But what can you say about the people who are shallow and talk more.

This series also demo’es why this non-Gujarati administrator within BJP – not even a real politician – has become so popular in his adopted state.. such that he was elected by a resounding margin against all odds and opposition from the pseudo-secularists.

Part II . Part III . Part IV . Part V

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