Without food, water or Medicine – Jawan fights and gets massacred by Maoist

Last updated on Apr 8, 2010

Posted on Apr 8, 2010

To fight the Maoists, the Indian Government is sending our soldiers to fight without proper food, medicines, or water!  Recently there was a news item where SC reprimanded the Government on treating the Army jawan worse than a beggar.

Its another example of why the Indian Government sucks when it comes to Security Forces and the Soldiers.  If this keeps continuing, then we are setting the country up for a coup take over.  Sooner or later, someone is going to get the point amongst the soldiers and also have the means and tools to orchestrate that.  I guess the current set of politicians deserve it!

These jawans fall prey to malaria and fight on empty stomach.

For six years, the government has cried hoarse about Maoists being the single biggest security threat to India. Yet, the Indian state is sending its footsoldiers into battle on an empty stomach, without adequate drinking water and medical facilities.
CRPF men on the frontline of the war against Maoists in the dense jungles say the Red combatants are just one of the threats they face. Jawans of 62nd battalion of CRPF holed up in the Chintalnar camp — near the site of Tuesday’s ambush that left 76 men dead — say they can defend themselves against another Maoist attack but are defenceless against malaria and poisonous reptiles. Conditions aren’t any better at the other camps, jawans said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Several jawans claimed patrolling parties often go without enough food. “We are also fighting in the anti-insurgency mode. Army soldiers get dry fruits and other eatables in sufficient quantity during operations. We have to fight on empty stomach and dry throats. Our jawans need food that matches the task at hand,” said a CRPF jawan.

Its just a matter of time before our security forces jawans snap up and retaliate!

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