Wives are the real Bosses!!

Last updated on Jul 7, 2007

Posted on Jul 7, 2007

A study has now confirmed that we all married men knew from eternity!  That Women are the Real Bosses.  Remember those two rules?

  1. My wife is always right
  2. In case she is says something wrong, refer to Rule 1

The study is very categorical in the one main area where the women really put things across men!

The study, which examined 72 married couples, found that wives, on average, display greater situational power, in the form of forceful and dominant behaviours, than their husbands during problem-solving discussions, not considering who raised the topic.

I think "problem-solving discussions" is a euphemism for argument!  Like I say, there is no such thing as a discussion with a wife.  A discussion is turned into an argument.  And an Argument has to be won!!

So why is that women are so good at winning arguments in the household?  Do they have better argumentative skills?  It seems the answer is a resounding YES!  If that be so, then what does make their skills in arguments so superior?

Interestingly, if the argumentative skills of women were better "universally" in their interactions then it would follow that they would better Trial lawyers and get higher salaries – for they could argue better for a raise!

Is that so? Or is the argumentative skill just best practices on a husband?

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