Writing Poetry

Last updated on May 15, 2010

Posted on May 15, 2010

Take a wide brimmed glass,
holding it in style
pour some twisted thoughts,
and shake it for a while..

A spoon full of words,
ripe and carefully selected-
mix them with a stirrer,
till both gets connected..

Add a few drops of diction,
with pulse and expression,
mix it well with finesse,
and top it with elocution..

Now feel up next quarter,
with deeply felt emotions,
be cautious about the meter!
the accent and modulations. .

Mix it well once more,
while sprinkling some spice-
and a helping of pain-
pointless but precise..

The rest can be trash-
even upto the rim!
to fill up the space,
or maybe some colorful dream…

Just do a spell check,
go over it twice!
add some abstract phrasing,
in wedge or in slice…

Now ready to be served-
to thought and perception,
while you await –
praise and appreciation!


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