Xenophobic Germans beat up Indians in Germany…

Last updated on Aug 21, 2007

Posted on Aug 21, 2007

Does xenophobia go away?  Does the fundamentalism go away?  Here is a story on how a group of Germans fought with a group of Indian fair-goers in a village and beat them up while the bystanders kept cheering!  Living in the US – most do not realize how close-minded most of the western world really is.. specifically the Europe.

A mob attacked a group of Indian fairgoers in a village in the eastern German state of Saxony, German police said.
Eight Indians and four Germans were reported injured. The incident occurred at a village festival in Muegeln.
After a scuffle broke out shortly after midnight in a festival tent, a group of about 50 mostly young Germans apparently pursued a group of Indian visitors, who fled into a pizzeria. The doors of the restaurant were kicked in by the pursuing mob.

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