Yes Kashmiris are Angry, but against the entitled Abdullahs and Muftis and their lies!

Yes Kashmiris are Angry, but against the entitled Abdullahs and Muftis and their lies!

There has been a concerted attempt by the global and certain sections of Indian media to spread lies and falsehoods on Kashmir.  The truth is something else.

Just the other day Rahul Pandita, Kashmiri himself had written about the mood in Kashmir.  He said that there are a lot of issues there, but they aren’t the ones that many so-called journalists are suggesting.

In fact most of the journalists aren’t even doing an honest day’s work!

Now, Aarti Tikoo Singh, another Kashmiri discusses the situation in Srinagar.  She also talks about the anger there.  But the anger is against the politicians who have been taking the normal public for a ride all these 70 years!

To good measure they even suggested that the politicians who have been detained should be kept detained forever!   The anger is against those who are cribbing about injustice.  Irony is that people are angry at them for the injustice BY them all these years!

What Ms Tikoo says is interesting in this exchange on TimesNow.  But what she wrote in her article, which she called “personal in nature” is even more striking.  Her identity crisis and what she was going through post August 5 in a place she had had to abandon is indeed very poignant.

Later in the afternoon, while having Kashmiri tea at the home of a friend who practices the Islam of Nund Rishi, the patron Sufi saint of Kashmir, I heard him addressing my unexpressed thoughts: “You may think the entire Valley is angry with the decision. Trust me, most are heaving a sigh of relief. We are silent because we have been silenced by fear for 30 years. Let the guns and violence on the streets end and you will see all of us share the same identity as we have alwayshad for hundreds of years.”
I walked around the city and felt like introducing myself as a Kashmiri Indian. I was back home three decades after I had left. (source)

Finally the people may now be finding a road ahead.  A road that was unavailable to them all these years!  Under fear.  Under threats.  A demonic possession, as it were.

All fueled by the monsters who have only religious hate as their trade from across the border, and those within who have found it profitable to be willing commodities.

These politicians have acted with such unabashed entitlement that they are not even politicians anymore.  They have become kings and queens.  That is how they live and feed off of the very masses they feign love and concern for!  They are wolves who have been guarding and feeding off of the chickens they say they are worried about!

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