Yin and Yang: the basis of life

Yin and Yang: the basis of life

Interestingly, an average healthy male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation. On the other hand, women who are on average born with 2 million egg follicles (or where eggs are produced – one per follicle), have only 450 left by the time of puberty. Of the millions – and sometimes billions – of sperms released by a man, only one reaches the handful of eggs that a woman produces.

A man produces approximately 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime, at least a billion of which are shed every month. Women, on the other hand, have access to only 450-480 eggs in their lifetime.

Look at the irony that no one has ever seen a man have any guilt or pain for the billions of sperms shed and let go every month, but every woman goes through such pains and loss of her blood every time an egg is shed a month!

In that lies the difference between Yin and Yang. One is a force of plain and brute survival. Another is the energy of nurturing. Survival doesn’t suffer pain, doesn’t mourn a loss, and lives off of fighting out the competitors. Nurturing sheds itself for every loss. Loses some of herself every time.

In the coming together of brute survival and loving nurturing, happens life!

Those who hold masculine as evil and feminine as good miss the point that they are prejudiced against life. For, how can you be against one half and yet be a cheerleader for the whole?

On the other hand, those who find nothing divine in the feminine and consider the divinity as a “he” miss the point as well. If brute force and survival could ensure life on its own, then men had enough with them to spawn billions of themselves. Existence, fortunately, doesn’t give two hoots for numbers! It roots for nurturing with as much gusto. Isn’t it then interesting that all those faiths which deny the right of Divinity to feminine (Goddess), are constantly looking to increase their numbers via acquisitions (evangelism)? If getting 10 more people believing in my story could help me touch the divine, then the Chinese would have been an enlightened population in toto!

Love needs to survive, and survival needs to be drenched in love. When we take the feminine grace, love, and nurturing out of lives, then the competitive fighter in us invariably runs empty of steam. Devoid of beauty, the brute will always end up in depression and lows. Not just men but also women. For, feminine is not equal to woman, but the womanhood. When womanhood is fashioned along the templates of the masculine, then the women cease to be feminine anymore. Then, even though our bodies may remember the Yin and Yang, our beings lose their ways. Life maybe forced through, but it can’t flower.

We have, then, a world of the competing, fighting and somehow surviving people devoid of life.

When was the last time you touched the fullness of life within you? Check your pulse, your feminine maybe already dead.

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