Air bubble between India, Germany and France for plane travel

Air bubble between India, Germany and France for plane travel

India has announced the creation of travel bubbles with the US, Germany, and France.  Airlines from these countries can bring passengers of certain categories of passengers and fly them out.  Air India announced flights till August end to US, Paris and Frankfurt.  Also, Air India will lower its fares as well.  The air bubble is an interim arrangement to ensure continuity of travel by people allowed by governments of both departing and arriving countries till resumption of regular schedule flights.

Under the bubble arrangement, now foreigners like diplomats and Overseas Citizen of India cardholders and Indian citizens can fly in on flights of those countries’ airlines to India, said a person in the know. And Indian citizens with valid documents can fly out on these flights.

Delta may resume its Atlanta-Mumbai connection under these travel bubbles.  United is operating 18 flights between Delhi and US from July 17 to 31, a Delhi-Newark daily and Delhi-SFO thrice weekly. Air France will operate 28 flights to Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru from July 18 to August 1.

Article Source: Times of India

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