Ajit Doval Explains in Detail why talking to Pakistan will be India’s Biggest Mistake!

Ajit Doval Explains in Detail why talking to Pakistan will be India’s Biggest Mistake!

Pakistan has a pattern.  It does the terror attack with complete impunity and at a scale that would equal that of one country attacking another.  For example, Mumbai (26/11), where young men trained by Pakistani Army (current and past) officers descended on India’s largest city and killed at will and held the whole city hostage.  From where I see, they were no different from Pakistani commandos. To have called it a “terror attack” was India’s biggest folly.  After that, we fell into the same “Peace Talks” trap that India has always fell in.  After 1948, 1965, 1971, Kargil, so many terror attacks including that on the Parliament.

And, Pakistan does so to bring down the seriousness of the issue and no matter what evidence India gives, the result is the same.  Garbage bin.  So how to deal with that?

Ajit Doval, when he was not the National Security Advisor had explained the whole strategy that Pakistan follows.  And he explained in detail why talking to Pakistan without existence of specific conditions was India’s foolishness.

Now, it must be remembered that Doval understands Pakistan really well.  He lived there as a spy and got detailed information on Kahuta. He, therefore, knows a thing or two about Pakistan that very few do.  Now that Pakistan is playing the same game after the latest F-16 shooting down by India and capture of our Wing Commander.  As Ajit Doval manages the show along with PM Modi, it is important to know what our man at the helm of intelligence thinks and what his objectives are.  Listen in.

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