Another Diplomatic Coup by India – Sushama Swaraj invited as ‘Guest of Honor’ at OIC conclave, Pakistanis are Furious!

Another Diplomatic Coup by India – Sushama Swaraj invited as ‘Guest of Honor’ at OIC conclave, Pakistanis are Furious!

Post the Indian Airforce strikes in Pakistan, the terror-backing country has been left lonely.  China was supposed to be its closest friend always.  Called the “all-weather” friend by most Pakistanis.  But, in the aftermath of Pulwama, not only did it allow the unprecedented statement from United Nations Security Council to go through, but its reaction to the whole situation post the air strike has been of distancing itself.  China, basically has ditched Pakistan!  And, we did discuss why that happened so suddenly in this article.

Now, the world thought that Saudi Arabia with all those monies that it is giving is Pakistan’s friend.  The truth, however is that none of those $20 billion has been “given”.  In fact, these are just the MoUs which will fructify once the techno-economic feasibility is done and the whole project is validated.  These were MoUs, not investment agreements.  Listen to Munir Sami, a Pakistani analyst now living in Canada lay it out so clearly.

Behind the scenes, as India planned the air strikes, the government was working on another coup!

India’s Coup: OIC Ditches Pakistan as well!

Pakistan has always opposed India’s presence in the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) group on the pretext that it is a “Hindu nation”, even though it has more Muslims than perhaps Pakistan itself.

However, after the strikes, India is going to rub salt into Pakistan’s wounds.  Remember, Pakistan is the founding member of OIC and at one time Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto wanted it to be like the NATO.

So what did India do?

In the OIC foreign ministers’ meet on March 1st and 2nd, India has been invited to attend as a ‘Guest of Honor’. Specifically, Sushma Swaraj will be the ‘guest of honor’.  This will be the  inaugural plenary of the foreign ministers’ conclave of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Now, Pakistan – in order to increase its already non-existent “stature” (if that word can even be used for it) – has been trying to link the Indian air strike to OIC.  Probably trying to convey that it was an aggression against OIC.

“Aggression has been done against a founding member of the OIC,” he said, referring to the Indian attack

But the UAE, the host country and one of the most important country in the OIC world had this to say.

“The friendly country of India has been named as the guest of honour in view of its great global political stature as well as its time-hounoured and deeply rooted cultural and historical legacy, and its important Islamic component,” the UAE government said on Saturday, announcing an invite to India for OIC foreign ministers’ meet.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh (ex-Pakistan), backed by Turkey (one of the closest friend of Pakistan), said that India should play a larger role in OIC.

Also over the years, Indonesia, Algeria and Syria have been opposing moves by OIC (sponsored by Pakistan of course!) to issue strong statements against India.

And, now India will be there as the guest of honor, when Pakistan feels entitled to be heard in the group of which it was the founding member.  And, this is making the Pakistanis mad.

Meanwhile, the OIC summoned an emergency meeting of its Kashmir Contact Group at its General Secretariat in Riyadh and issued a statement condemning India and – this is funny – asking both India and Pakistan to exercise restraint!

So, basically Pakistan may have succeeded in getting a little face saver, but it has lost the whole war.

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