Another Mohammad cartoon Issue

There is another Mohammad "cartoon" scandal and issue.  This time the cartoon appeared in a newspaper in Bangladesh – Daily Prothom Alo.  Thanks to Rezwan for the blog post on this one.

The cartoon says the following:

* Boy, what is your name?
– My name is Babu.
* It is customary to mention Muhammad before the name
* What is your father’s name?
– Muhammad Abu
* What’s this in your lap?
– Muhammad cat

Rezwan further reports that the protesters give this reason for the outrage:

the cartoon indicates disgrace of the Muslim prophet by naming a cat ‘Muhammad’. Similar to the Danish Cartoon incident prophet Muhammad has been defamed in Muslim majority Bangladesh. He says Muslims use Muhammad in their names to pay the respect to the prophet. He demanded Prothom Alo to seek apology to the nation otherwise they demanded the Government to take strong action against Prothom Alo."

The newspaper has apologized but the protests continue.

Here is the cartoon:

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