Anti-CAA Carnage Chargesheets – Actors and Motives

Anti-CAA Carnage Chargesheets – Actors and Motives

Violence that accompanied the anti-CAA protests was a collaborative and a pre-planned venture.

Faisal Farooque, who owns Rajdhani School, which was used in the Delhi riots to bomb and attack Hindus in the area, along with Tahir Hussain’s house, had led the police to a lot of interesting connections.

According to people familiar with the development, the police had carried out a detailed call analysis of Faisal Farooque’s phone as part of its investigation into his role in the riots. The analysis pointed out that Faisal Farooque was in touch with prominent members of Popular Front of India, Pinjra Tod group, Jamia Coordination committee and the Hazarat Nizamuddin Markaz.(Source- Hindustan Times)

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Farooque was arrested under Sections 147, 148, 149, 153-A, 307, 395, 436, 455, 120B, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code and Sections 25 and 27 of the Arms Act have also been invoked (Source).

Anti-CAA violence – schools and carnage

Farooque’s role was to create and aggravate riots in that area.

Destruction of School

It was on his instructions that the nearby DRP Convent School was attacked and destroyed.  The charge sheet discusses this attack in these words:

“The rioters had camped inside and fired bullets from the terrace of Rajdhani School. They also threw petrol bombs, acid, bricks, stones and other missiles using an improvised large iron catapult, specially installed for the purpose, from the terrace of Rajdhani School. The rioters had used ropes to climb down from the terrace of Rajdhani School into the compound of DRP Convent School and then the mob had set the school on fire.”(Source: TheQuint)

The charge-sheet further describes how the mob orchestrated by Farooque then looted computers and expensive equipment from the DRP Convent School.

Dilbar Negi – hands, legs cut and thrown in fire

Not just that, they also burned down building owned by Anil Sweets.  Dilbar Negi, whose hands and legs were decapitated before he was thrown into the fire was an employee of Anil Sweets as well.

The rioters, after cutting Dilbar Singh Negi’s hands and feet, threw the rest of his body into the burning fire.(Source: Opindia)

Shahnawaz was arrested by Delhi Police for the murder of Dilbar Negi on March 7th, 2020.

During the riots, this man was in constant contact with Abdul Aleem.  Aleem is a close associate of Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Mohd Saad.

We have learned the real character of Tablighi Jamaat in our other article – Complete Guide to Tablighi Jamaat – the Hidden Legions of Islamic Jihad.

Mastermind Tahir Hussain and Ankit Sharma

The charge-sheet also talks about how Tahir Hussain led the mob that went on a rampage and also killed Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma.  The Charge-Sheet calls it a deep-rooted conspiracy.  10 people have been arrested in this connection.

Ankit Sharma was stabbed 51 times in a rage by Tahir Hussain’s mob after he was overpowered and picked up by them from the street.

Intelligence Bureau staffer Ankit Sharma, who was found dead during the riots in North-East Delhi in February this year, was stabbed 51 times, the Delhi Police’s Crime Branch said in its chargesheet filed on Wednesday.Hindustan Times

As per the charge sheets – Tahir Hussain was also connected to Umar Khalid.  Please check the video below.  The correspondent shares the details of what happened in those fateful days.

More importantly, he was specifically targeted by Aam Aadmi Party politician Tahir Hussain who is also a sitting councilor of EDMC Delhi.

One may remember how, despite overwhelming prima facie evidence against Tahir Hussain from his residence and videos by neighbors, certain sections of the Indian media tried to sanitize Tahir Hussain.  Here is his rather coy self trying to drum up sympathy and painting himself as a victim on a video by theWire.  He also appeared for NDTV in an interview before he surrendered.

People like Sreenivasan Jain were peddling stories to save this murderer even when the videos of his deeds were coming from different sources.

It must be remembered that on March 12, Delhi Police Special Cell had arrested Popular Front of India (PFI) Delhi unit President Parvez Ahmed and Secretary Illiyas.  What is most interesting is that Perves Ahmed was in regular touch with Aam Aadmi leader Sanjay Singh and Congress leader Udit Raj.

Interestingly, the ED has also seized a tab from PFI’s Delhi unit president Parvez Ahmed which it claimed has records of a chain of conversations between him and AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh. Mohammad Parwez Ahmed was reportedly also in regular touch with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh and several Congress leaders including Udit Raj.Source

Conspiracy of different groups

What we saw during the “anti-CAA protests” was really a conspiracy of spreading violence and hatred against Delhi’s citizens, specifically the Hindus, by certain groups.  These have now been identified very clearly

  1. Aam Aadmi Party leaders
    • Tahir Hussain
    • Sanjay Singh
  2. Congress leaders – Udit Raj and others
  3. Umar Khalid,
  4. Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Mohd Saad,
  5. Popular Front of India,
  6. Pinjra Tod group,
  7. Jamia Coordination committee and the
  8. Hazarat Nizamuddin Markaz

The collaboration between these groups in the run upto the riots and the killings, specifically the targeting of the Hindu population in the Tahir Hussain constituency, is evident from call records and testimonies collected by the Delhi police.

So when one says that these forces and groups were targeting Hindus and Delhi citizens in general, while they were feigning protests (like in case of Pinjara Tod, Jamia and Umar Khalid groups), then it is not an opinion.  It is a fact.

Let us be clear – while some groups were purporting to protest for a fake issue like CAA, they were constantly strategizing with the groups and actors who were meanwhile preparing for violence that was orchestrated to target Hindus in that area specifically.  More importantly, the Aam Aadmi Party leader Tahir Hussain was personally involved in the abduction and brutal killing of Ankit Sharma and then dumping his body.

For the leftist Wokerati to quibble whether Ankit Sharma was stabbed 51 times or 400 times in a dangerous hate crime targeting a Hindu specifically, showcases their depravity and moral turpitude.

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