Arvind Kejriwal denied clearance to attend C40 Climate Summit in Copenhagen

Arvind Kejriwal denied clearance to attend C40 Climate Summit in Copenhagen

In a big snub to Arvind Kejriwal, the Ministry of External Affairs has not provided the political clearance to him for attending the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen from October 9-12th, 2019.

The summit is being billed as a “global coalition of leading cities, businesses and citizens that rallies around the radical and ambitious climate action our planet needs“.

The reason given for rejection was that based on “multiple inputs” and taking into account the nature of the event and participation from other countries, the political clearance was not provided.

The wording of the Ministry’s External Affairs statement is very interesting.  It is quite obvious that there was a plan underway by Kejriwal to use the trip for many things, other than just attending the conference.  He was going to be part of an eight-member delegation.  West Bengal minister Firhad Hakim was, however, given the clearance.

Given how Shah Faesal had earlier tried to get out of India to create mischief outside and was stopped, one has the feeling that a summit which will be attended by the prominent bleeding heart democrats, it is possible that he had an agenda to do something embarrassing against India and its government. Also read –  Watch how Arvind Kejriwal plays the Pakistani Game in Delhi

Otherwise, one wonders why was no one from the Government, and specifically the BJP run states invited?  Why only from Kolkata and Delhi?  So, quite honestly, for Kejriwal Copenhagen can wait.

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