As Rushdie and Kamalhaasan are targeted, Kamal crumbles to terror blackmail

Kamal Haasan and Salman Rushdie face the ire of the Muslims and both the women Chief Ministers won’t take chances.  So, they are ready to bend to their vote banks compromising the state’s legitimate power.

J Jayalalithaa’s Tamil Nadu government was quick to ban the screening of Haasan’s new movie Vishwaroopam after certain Muslim groups thought it was religiously offensive.  Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal government pressured the book fair organisers not to have Rushdie over, fearing that the presence of The Satanic Verses author would offend the minorities. (link)

It is just sad that the leaders in India cow down at the slightest of blackmail with absolutely no legitimacy.

Meanwhile Kamal Haasan seemed to have a strange day of his own.  First he wanted to not just leave Tamil Nadu but also leave India.

“I don’t think they want me here. I will look at all the states from Kashmir to Kerala, excluding Tamil Nadu. If I don’t find one which is secular, I will leave for another country. MF Husain had to leave, now Haasan will also leave,” (link)

But later returned to discuss about his “Muslim family and brothers” – referring to the people who are blackmailing him with their meaningless protests – and how amicably everything is being handled… .by cutting the scenes in the movie.  Seriously??

“My Muslim family has reached out to me. They came and told me which portions they want removed. We have settled it and there are no differences between me and my Muslim brothers,”

The movie was not anti-Muslim or anti anyone.  What was shown was the way it is in the world.  Compromising with bullies is the worst thing he could have done!  As a person who has seen the movie and would hate to see any of it be removed, I am totally against this compromise!

These guys need to be behind the bars for threatening the heck out of Indian society on basis of sheer violence!

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