Black lives matter only when Blacks are Free

Black lives matter only when Blacks are Free

America is burning today because one half of America believes they don’t matter.  And they are crying as their young men are killed and all they are saying is that they matter – that Black lives matter… too! That is the legitimate part of the situation.  But not the whole thing.

Over 50 Secret Service agents were injured in clashes outside the White House on Sunday night, the 6th day of rioting, as rioters hurled Molotov cocktails in the capital, Washington DC.  In New York City, looters trashed Gucci and Chanel stores.

Yes, Blacks are angry.  Yes, all this started off in response to George Floyd’s death.  But the mobs are indiscriminate.  They are drunk on their “protest kool-aid”, which burps out in the form of anarchy.

When will Black lives matter?

That is not freedom.  That is walking out of the trap laid by one person and walking into another trap.  Black lives will matter and should.  But only when their protest is theirs. Not when their protest is the pretext of another’s nefarious designs.  If Blacks have to make themselves matter, then they have to define who they are and what they are protesting for.  This is not the way!

When the crowds attacked, their contaminated kool-aid made them destroy Black businesses as well.  This one video shares the pain and anguish of one Black man, who had worked hard all his life to build his business.  And, the crowd didn’t take long to destroy it.

Do you see the predicament of many Blacks?  They have been discriminated and ill-treated.  Even killed.  And now, as the “protestors” go over the top, they are not stopping at protesting racism.  Now even the Blacks are fair game.


We will look at that.  But let’s look at the impact the rioting is having.

The destruction

The attacks have happened even in the poor neighborhoods.  Neighborhoods, where they don’t have Walmart or Target etc.  They have small neighborhood stores and groceries.  And because the inhabitants do not often have cars, they can only get their daily grocery from here.  And what have these “protesters” done?  They have taken even that away.  And also burned the buses.

In another attack in the Santa Monica area, an REI is being destroyed.

An old lady and her husband were beaten up as they tried to save their store, which was looted as well.

And, look at this – where a truck driver was beaten up and his truck hijacked.

These are not protests.  This is an invitation to anarchy.

Different traps and puppeteers

When a similar script is being repeated everywhere in the world – whether it is Arab Spring, which created the chaos that Arab world is today or India or the US, then one needs to recognize that this pattern around the world cannot be without a plan.

Who is the planner?

That is a great question.  Some say it is George Soros.

There is credible information of Soros impacting polity in countries like UK – and make money in the process as well.  It’s the perfect insider trading strategy, without being caught.  Because you are the one who creates the inside information!

The Best of Britain campaign group confirmed it had received 400,000 pounds from Soros. Soros, best known in Britain for earning billions betting against the pound in the early 1990s, is the target of a hostile media campaign by the nationalist government in his native Hungary and a hate figure for rightwing campaigners in eastern Europe and the United States.Reuters

People in the US including talk show hosts and celebrities have been talking about the involvement of George Soros in the entire situation.

And, even though different commmentators deny this – the link between Soros and such extreme left “anarchists” – the fact is that Soros related organizations were involved in funding anti-Trump activities in the 2016 elections and after that.

Soros funded left may be seeing George Floyd’s death as the opportunity to strike at Trump’s chances of a re-election, despite selecting Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate.

And, along with the Soros funded extreme left, the Islamists have joined the camp to bring home anarchy as well.  That is why Ilhan Omar and her daughter have been backing the rioters with “supplies”.

Extreme left is not the only backer of these riots.  Now, even the mainstream politicians – like Bernie Sanders are backing the anarchists ways.

“The richest 400 Americans sit on $3 trillion – the size of the entire UK economy,” Sanders, a Vermont Independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats, tweeted Sunday. “The billionaire class now pays a lower tax rate than people living paycheck to paycheck. The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years – and the culprits are the ultra-rich.”(Source)

This is like giving the rioters a carte blanche.  What can possibly be the motivation for them to step back?  That Bernie Sanders has been aligning himself with terror-sympathizing Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Meanwhile, Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, has called for a $14 trillion reparations for slavery to “help reduce racial inequality.” (Source)

Do you see where this is going?  It is being perceived as a vehicle by the politicians and the rich as their panacea for more power and money.  No cares about that Black businessman who entire lives work was destroyed by that crowd and he kept crying and shouting!

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