Catchup #8: Insightful Twitter Threads (Authenticity Industry, Volcker & Congress, NED, Ohio Spill, CNN lies)

Weeks Threads - Rise and impact of Authenticity Industry, Volcker report & Congress, Who is NED funding, Ohio Spill, CNN lies and News

Catchup #8: Insightful Twitter Threads (Authenticity Industry, Volcker & Congress, NED, Ohio Spill, CNN lies)
Photo by Erick Butler / Unsplash
Photo by Quentin Menini / Unsplash
“Be realistic: Plan for a miracle” ― Osho

1. Authenticity Industry

As great as it sounds, the business of being the validator of things is not just the next big thing, but also something that those who want to control can use to everyone's disadvantage.  And they have always done so.  It is, what we call, the "Righteousness Framework for Control".

Drishtikone Newsletter #338: Rules-Based Order and Righteousness Framework of Power
The Western Rules-Based Order is under threat. What is it anyway? And who is threatening it? How it is inspired by Biblical literature?

That is what we need to beware of.

2. How Congress was Indicted by US and UN and no one cared

Paul Volcker, former chairman of the US federal reserve and the head of the committee, named Natwar Singh and the Congress party as "non-contractual beneficiaries" of the program in his report. This triggered a political controversy that caused Natwar Singh to resign as External Affairs Minister on November 8, 2005. He stayed in the government as minister without portfolio until he eventually quit the government almost a month later.

3. NED and Global Disinformation Index

Global Disinformation Index is secretly blacklisting news sources.  Specifically the American conservative ones.  And who funds them?  National Endowment for Democracy (NED).  What is NED?  Read about them in our newsletter.

Drishtikone Newsletter #354: How US Media helps America Wage Wars Globally
Waging Wars - Covert and Overt - by the United States has a formula. Media backs the establishment in planning and execution. A detailed analysis of the various mechanisms and players

Now read about what they are funding to control the news and propaganda around the world.

4. Ohio Chemical Spill

The recent train derailment and chemical spill is a serious accident.  What is it?  What happened?  And what are the ramifications?

5. News Media lies deliberately and moves on

The intelligence agencies deliberately shielded Biden and canceled anyone who wanted to bring out the facts.  CNN played along.

Even today, when the evidence of what really happened is out, CNN has not apologized.

We are in the new age of activist media.  News is dead.

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