When it Comes to Women and War – Isn’t Trump the Modern Day Muhammad?

When it Comes to Women and War – Isn’t Trump the Modern Day Muhammad?

During the debates and otherwise, Donald Trump has emphasized a few positions on Iraq and Mosul that his supporters find to be “stroke of a genius”.  That these positions were downright idiotic was known to any moderately astute person.

From his insolent comment on Iraq and ISIS – “I know more about ISIS than the generals do.  B’lieve me!”

Promoting War Crime, Pillage, Looting and Treating Women as Sex Objects – Isn’t Trump a Modern Day Muhammad?

In case of Mosul and Iraq, he took the argument to another level of danger stating:

  1. Suggesting that saying when Mosul would be attacked was stupid.  Something that a combination of Generals, Security Experts and Intelligence agencies would have done together from the various inputs.
  2. Saying openly that he would have “taken the Oil” from Iraq after bombing the “Shit out of them”!

The entire rant, btw, isn’t part of some rambling gossip over a few tequilas or whisky, but serious pronouncements from a US Presidential Nominee who has a good chance of winning at the elections.

One, his “surprise” idea is nothing but juvenile, because nations that are going to be targeted – from Japan to Germany (in WWII) to Iraq, Afghanistan and libya knew in advance of the attacks and attacks happened nevertheless.  The forewarning or lack of it is NOT the main strength of any attack in modern times.  It is how one wins DESPITE the other party knowing about the attack!

And, in this day and age of high-tech espionage to not know of such things in advance is not even possible.  So, he is off by at least a century in terms of his understanding of military strategies and is juvenile at best.

But what he suggests after that is stunningly dangerous.  Ret. Army Col. Jeff McCausland, who was the Dean of the U.S. Army War College discusses how Donald Trump’s thinking reflects a 15th century mindset, where killing and looting was the prime weapon and objective.  In the modern world, politics is the key and wars have to serve the political objective.

That is why there are international rules around how wars and engagement between nations can be conducted.  What Trump is promoting is actually War Crime!  Here are two important International Laws that Trump will violate if he were to “Take the Oil” from Iraq or any other country!

Hague Convention of 1907 on the Laws and Customs of War which clearly states that “private property … must be respected (and) cannot be confiscated.”  Pillage, what Trump was propagating is formally forbidden under this law!

1949 Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Times of War states that “any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or to other public authorities, or to social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.”

Please check out more here, here and here.

Now, let us think about it – why is Islam so vilified?  Because its bedrock is an ideology from 6th century which was built on pillage, looting, rape and using women as war booty.  Knowing what we know about Trump now, isn’t Trump the modern day version of Muhammad himself?  To know more about Muhammad’s philosophy and ideology on war, please read the following article: 55 Quranic Verses that Establish the Islamic Path of Genocide and Terror.

Beyond war, Trump treats women as no more than sex objects.  Back in the day, Muhammad and his men treated women as no more than sex objects who were to be traded, raped and owned as war booty.  What we have with Trump is no better.  He has used his power from money to do what he can with women boasting that when you are a star “you can do what you want and they let you do it”!  Being unapologetic in his perversion of grabbing women by their genitals, and rallying his supporters behind that mindset, Trump is unleashing the hordes that Arabia once unleashed on the world – if, Trump were to be successful!!  Quite simply he has single-handedly made Sexual Assault mainstream – Trump Society: How “Grab them by the Pussy” became mainstream “Banter!”

Maybe he will not allow Muslims to enter US and go after the radical Muslims, but he will do something even worse.  He will unleash the Western version of the worst that Islam has had to offer to the world for last 1400 years!

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