Congress led anti-Hindu Violence in Ranchi after Police Custody death of Tabrez Ansari

Congress led anti-Hindu Violence in Ranchi after Police Custody death of Tabrez Ansari

Tabrez Ansari was allegedly killed in police custody after being beaten up by a group of people in Saraiklela on June 22 when he was caught stealing a two wheeler.  As for the cause of his death, police have given an interesting report saying:

“Barring some cut marks on his head, hands and legs, no deep injury was found on the body of Tabrez Ansari which might have led to his death.  In the video footage obtained from the jail, he was seen walking around and talking to other jailed persons”, police said. (source)

On the other hand Civil Surgeon Dr AN Ray has said that the death was due to cardiac arrest and not a result of being beaten up.

“Stress-induced cardiac arrest could have led to the sudden death of Ansari since no internal injury was found during his post mortem examination”.

Later in the day on June 22, after ablutions, he drank water and then had a bout of dizziness.  When he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors tried to revive him but could not be saved.

Using his death, many Muslims and indeed the Congress has been instigating violence and terror in the state.

TikTok Terror threat

In a vile video, Tik Tok ‘influencer’ Hasnain Khan along with four other TikTok friends warned of terrorism in the name of Tabrez.  They were found saying – “You may have killed that innocent Tabrez Ansari, but tomorrow if his son takes revenge, do not say that all Muslims are terrorists.”

How easy it is now to just justify terror in the name of a “lynching”, which started probably more due to the theft as opposed to a religious rivalry. Worryingly, Khan has 15.6M fans on TikTok. This sort of video is not what TikTok is about – it should instead be about funny and upbeat videos. If you have a TikTok account you’ll already know that, but what you may not know is that you can buy real TikTok likes on Boostmytiktok. That way, you can help to spread happy and humorous videos and not terror.

Congress leads mob violence

Congress’ Jharkhand spokesperson Shamsher Alam instigated a mob in Ranchi which attacked a bus which was carrying students of CIT Engineering College.  They were returning from Doranda College after taking their final semester exam.  Interestingly, the Muslim students bailed out of the bus leaving their other classmates behind as the mob restarted the violence.

According to reports, the bus was carrying students of CIT Engineering College who were returning from appearing for their final semester exam in Doranda College. When the bus reached the protest venue, some people in the rally stopped it and proceeded to attack it. They also thrashed the driver of the bus. At that time some students inside the bus shouted that they are Muslims. Hearing that, the mob asked the Muslim students to get down from the bus and resumed vandalising the vehicle.

Petrol was thrown into the bus and the mob tried to burn the bus.  But some elderly folks stopped it.  The mob chanted communal slogans and wanted to kill the Hindu students (after allowing the Muslim students to come out) in the bus.  Two police jeeps were standing nearby but did nothing.

The FIR clearly states that Shamsher Alam, the Congress Spokesperson in Jharkhand was responsible for inciting the Muslim mob to target Hindus and destroy public property.

The TimesNow report is also quite damning when it comes to implicating Shamsher Alam.

Quite serious indeed.

Why is Congress whipping up mob terror?

There are so many questions around the whole Tabrez Ansari incident that it is indeed preposterous that people and specifically the international media has already made their conclusions!  Let us examine the loop holes in the whole story.

No one knows who actually killed Tabrez.  Were they in anyway linked to any Hindu group or heck, were they Hindus anyway?  Or were they goons on hire?

No one knows who actually chanted “Jai Shree Ram” or made him chant that while he was being beaten up.  Or if indeed it was chanted around there because the video forensics have not probably been completed.  The antecedents of the attackers is certainly not clear.  It could have been anyone.

No one knows how or why even when Tabrez Ansari was walking around fine and even talking to other people suddenly died after being in jail and could not be revived in the hospital?

It is also indeed a mystery as to why he was not given proper examination and treatment after he was brought in?

Do we know the answers to all these questions?!!  And they are at the root of the incident on which so many conclusions have been drawn.  All based on conjectures and prejudiced mindsets.  A mindset which is inherently and fundamentally Hinduphobic.

Yes, the death of Tabrez is indeed sad.  No one should die for merely stealing a motorbike.  That too at the hands of a group of violent people.

But just because someone chanted some slogan, whoever knows why, it is quite a stretch to say that “Hindus are lynching Muslims in India” as a generalization.  Btw, wasn’t the same ploy used by people like Teesta Setalvad to not just justify the Godhra train burning but create incitement?!

Actually, if we look closely, the opposite seems to be happening in terms of who is really inciting violence and carrying it out.   As is obvious from the events like that in Ranchi.  Not only was the bus attacked, but the Muslim students were allowed to get out and only Hindus were sought to be burned.  Did no one notice that?

And, all this thanks to Congress leader instigating and leading a mob into violence.  Not just here but also in Surat!

The Surat Police on Tuesday arrested 40 people including a Congress councilor in connection with a rioting case. All the 40 arrested persons have been sent to judicial custody. Last week, an unruly Muslim mob, despite being denied permission by the local authorities, had held a demonstration in the city and pelted stones at police. The mob was protesting against the killing of a Muslim man in Jharkhand last month. The mob had also damaged several vehicles during the protest. (source)

Do Indian citizens still need proof as to who is


communal and what they are doing?

Why is Congress leadership – specifically its General Secretaries – quiet?  Why is the media and the activists quiet?  Based on precious little they went about painting the whole Hindu community black, but have no responsibility to name and shame the specific evil-doers who openly shout for Hindu blood?

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