Congress Party’s negative election campaign in Gujarat as its house of cards falls

Last updated on Dec 2, 2012

Posted on Dec 2, 2012

The situation of Congress is Gujarat is laughable.  It is like a person who hates someone, but doesn’t have enough wherewithal in him to do anything positive, so he uses everything negative to win.  But somehow, his own inability is so acute, which obviously he doesn’t realize, that he is breaking apart from every side.

This is what the wife of Sanjiv Bhatt, the Gujarat IPS officer – the Congress pawn who was being used by Congress to hit on Narendra Modi, but couldn’t do anything because (i) he has no proof and (ii) he himself is suspect of many worng doings.  In any case, his wife, Shweta Bhatt has been pitched against Narendra Modi with a view to take on the giant himself IN HIS DEN.

As if that wasn’t enough, this lady also has the smarts to ask other parties to withdraw their candidates, so that it is a two-way fight between her and Modi.

Now, unfortunately, this lady also doesn’t realize that she is after all just a pawn.  No more and no less.  She will lose the elections and would be left nowhere.  Congress leadership would obviously dump her and her husband, when their work is done.

Interestingly, it is not other parties that she has to bring on to her table, but her OWN party!  Some of the people who didn’t get the tickets to fight the elections are mad.  And, not only are they mad, they have come out in public and are threatening to work against the Congress candidates!

Look at the options they are thinking of:

Do you really need Modi to defeat the party of morons?

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