Ayodhya Case: Why is Congress Representing Pakistan?

Ayodhya Case: Why is Congress Representing Pakistan?

The Ayodhya issue where the Mughal emperor Babur had destroyed the Ram temple at the place of his birth is ostensibly in the final stages of court proceedings.  This issue has been the fodder for many so-called activists in India – who have run their entire careers on it.  Historians with no or dubious knowledge have taken upon themselves to speak on it and been shown to be fraudulent at best (Read Cult of Eminent Indian Historians and Ayodhya Verdict).

Ayodhya Case: Pakistan and Congress are Collaborators?

In a recent revelation, the chairman of the Shia Central Waqf Board in Uttar Pradesh, Syed Waseem Rizvi said that the Ayodhya issue is being impacted by intervention from Pakistan.  The people who purport to represent the Muslim community have links with Pakistani establishment.  And, may even be paid by them.

“This (Ayodhya) dispute is not getting addressed because Pakistan has the biggest hand in it. Those representing the Muslim community in the Supreme Court on the issue have direct links with Pakistan and want bloodshed to destabilise the country,”

He went on to discuss that these so-called activists who are vociferous on Ayodhya case, are getting funding from across the border.

“All those who do not want to talk on Babri Mosque issue have got exposed. They are misleading the people at the behest of Pakistan because they are getting funds from there. Intelligence people are aware of their activities and we are hopeful that action will be taken against them,” he said.
Ayodhya case and Kapil Sibal's games

Which essentially means that Pakistan is trying to become a party in the

Ayodhya dispute via proxy

.  And who better to work through their mandate than the Congress party itself?  And, nothing exemplifies this better than the “legal activism” of Kapil Sibal – who has defended Kanhaiya, the Rohingyas and some terrorists as well including opposing the Triple talak.  You can therefore see that Kapil Sibal is the champion for Islamists and the terrorists in India, which is fanned by none other than Pakistan.  In the Ayodhya case, Sibal is trying to inexplicably push for postponing the hearings of the case to post 2019, while saying that he is representing the Sunni Wakf Board – something  that Congress pointed out to wriggle out of committing itself as anti-Hindu.  But the Sunni Wakf Board has interestingly said that Kapil Sibal is NOT representing its viewpoint on Ayodhya by saying that the hearings should be postponed!  So, it simply means that Sibal is representing Congress suo moto!

The same Congress which also interestingly arrested Lt Col Purohit, the Indian military intelligence officer who had infiltrated the Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba and had become aware of the plans for 26/11.  He was arrested just 15 days before the Mumbai attacks by Pakistan!  And thereafter, despite the world – including the CIA saying on its website that LeT was responsible for the 26/11 – as was the clear analysis of the Indian intelligence agencies as well.  Despite all the evidence – as clear as that on the TV during the attack – a specter of ‘Hindu terror’ was created.  And, Digvijay Singh – the Congress General Secretary led a seminar titled “26/11: RSS ki Sazish”.    This was not just a coincidence!

All this was the narrative of the Pakistani establishment – specifically its ISI!  So, Congress – under Sibal, Chidambaram, Shinde, Digvijay Singh – were manufacturing the events and arrests in India to actually align with the Pakistani narrative!

Put simply, Congress was the Indian partner of the Pakistani establishment – specifically the ISI!

And, this was not the first time this had happened.  Many so-called intellectuals and journalists used to attend ISI-backed seminars and conferences on behalf of India.  They were the regular crop of the secular brigade! The ISI-agent Ghulam nabi Fai not just entertained and brought them to the US for american Jaunts, but his invitees were also vetted by the ISI!  Some of these were Kuldip Nayar, Justice (Retd) Rajinder Sachar, journalist Harinder Baweja, Ved Bhasin, Editor-in-Chief of Kashmir Times, Gautam Navlakha, Editor, Economic and Political Weekly.

While accepting funds upwards of $4 million from the mid-1990s from the ISI, Fai also sought instructions from Pakistani intelligence on whom to invite to his conferences. For instance, he sent an email to his ISI handler in Pakistan, Brig Javed Aziz Khan on June 18, 2008 asking him to clear names for a conference that year.
The FBI says Khan sent him “a list of Indian nationals for Fai to invite”. The Indians who attended the conference after their names were approved by the ISI, included Justice Sachar and Bhasin.Chatterji and Gautam Navalakha became some of the regulars at these conferences along with writers like Victoria Schofield.

Ayodhya issue is central to the Indian socio-religious landscape.  As is Kashmir and the Hindu-Muslim relationship.  Pakistan has been party to the forces that were working to break India socially.  What is interesting is that India’s main parties – now, thankfully in opposition – have been at the forefront of selling India out to Pakistan’s intelligence establishment!  It is time for Indians to wake up on Ayodhya and beyond!

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