Congress Treason: Justice Should be Ensured by All Indians, not Just Modi!

Congress Treason: Justice Should be Ensured by All Indians, not Just Modi!

Today a friend pinged me to ask if something will be done with Sonia Gandhi and the many of those who are guilty of the crimes of treason and plunder against India as a country.  I guess what he wanted to know – or rather be reassured through me for reasons unknown perhaps to both of us – was if the Modi Government bring Sonia Gandhi, her coterie and the bought media to task.  A euphemism for whether these guilty for the abominable crimes will be arrested and put in jails and/or hanged.  Will the justice of anger be served by a democratically elected Government.

Let us think through it.  Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru were known to be involved in two heinous crimes.  The evidence against them was overwhelming and in case of Kasab, he was even filmed doing the crime.  Almost as if posing for a photo shoot.  Yet, it took years to hang them and there were enough protests against the hanging of both.  Whatever may have been the pretext of “protest”, this society – of you and me and of people shouting for “justice for Sonia Gandhi and coterie” knowingly and easily gave space to such protests.  Many people opposed the JNU protesters, but so many – in thousands perhaps – not just watched the sanitizing of the whole Afzal Guru protests (and shouts for destruction of India) but helped the media which sided with them with our eyeballs giving them justification for revenues via ads.

Not one company, not one advertiser pulled out their ads from NDTV.  Not one parent came on TV or told the public that they were ashamed that their kids were not just involved but supported the rhetoric to side with known terrorists and destruction of the very country they lived in.

How easily we all have provided space to not dissent mind you, for destruction of your own home isn’t dissent, its treason.  If you are masochistic enough to kill yourself, commit suicide, that is your personal choice.  But to take steps to bring death and destruction to the society at large – many unwitting and innocent people – has larger ramifications.

If it is true that Congress Government facilitated 26/11 by arresting the very intelligence officer who had infiltrated the LeT and IM, the masterminds of the attacks.  If it is true that they later tried to obfuscate the whole narrative to help Pakistan’s case when Digvijay Singh, the Congress General Secretary and 2 other MPs unequivocally said that Mumbai attacks were not done by Pakistani trained terrorists but RSS swayamsevaks.  Then we have on our hands a big issue.

We have those who rule us in our name the very people who enjoy playing with our blood as well.  Worse, we let them the space and the ability to play with not just our but our kids’ blood years on end!

So many Sikh families died.  So many men were burnt alive.  So many were hacked in front of their families.  We all knew who did that.  Yet, we have not just tolerated that group, but hoisted them as the keepers of our collective “good conscience”.

Bofors scam happened.  Where our very defence preparedness was at stake.  Millions were made.  Everyone knew who did what.  Everyone knew where the money was.  In front of everyone’s eyes, that money was simply handed over to the looters and the looters set free.  No one raised a finger.

We gave space for the loot, the money from our pockets to go and for the looters to be happily escorted to safety.  Hansraj Bhardwaj, the loyalist Congressman may have been the swine who ordered Datta, another low-life, to unfreeze the money for Quattrocchi, but we just looked the other way.  We allowed it to happen.  We made it happen.  Actually, we were Bhardwajes and Dattas ourselves.  Their treason and perfidy did not bother us.

Neither will the abominal perfidy of 26/11 that was done clearly, as clearly as you can see your nose and count your fingers.. as starkly clearly as that – by those very folks we let patronize us and rule us.  Not once.  But time and time again.

Isn’t action against such people – like Sonia Gandhi, P. Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh, AK Anthony, Ahmed Patel and Digvijay Singh – an action for the safety of our kids and their kids?!  It is said that Mohammad Ghori couldn’t beat Prithviraj Chauhan for 16 times and lost heavily, the 17th time he was helped by a Pandit who was being passed over by another one to be the Head Priest.  This vengeful priest went and helped Ghori to come through the small secret door and overwhelm the Chauhan Army leading to the latter’s defeat.  All this for the priest’s personal ambition.  The first person Ghori killed was that priest himself.  And, from that started over a thousand years long Islamic genocide of the Indian population.

Those whom Ghori and other invaders killed were the future generations of those very people who didn’t think twice before committing high treason.  The story of the British rule is similar.  Bengal provided the door to British to enter India.  Of course, because of their own amibitions.  When millions were killed in Bengal famines, who lost?

Death and destruction have no values.  No morality.  No biases and no prejudices.  Destruction goes where plunder, rape and death is invited via backdoor and happily so.  Even with a sense of urgency.  Just as Bhardwaj and Datta showed.  Just as Barkha Dutt showed while she abetted the JNU crowd.

No Modi will not arrest Sonia Gandhi and the rest.  He should NOT!  We need to.  Not by dragging her and Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh down the streets of Delhi and making sure they are served justice – but by raising our voices.  By unrelenting din.  A din of call for justice.  And of remembering each deed.  No Shinde should ever have the courage again to say – “Earlier the Bofors was a talking point. People forgot about it. Now it is coal. This too will be forgotten.”

We cannot forget.  Just as we cannot forget our kids in the den of hungry wolves to be their dinner.  But our amnesia has been just that.  We have let ourselves be subjected to genocides and mass famines and unimaginable plunder and torturous rapes.  We invited them on us.  How long can we call ourselves humans and yet keep doing this over and over again?!

We shall speak.  And we, the people will ensure justice.  If Sonia Gandhi, Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh escape justice, it will not be because of Modi but because of US.  Us all.  Let us stop looking upto someone for “saving” us.  For doing our work.  For being our messiah.  Let us wake up to our cause.  Our good.  And make that happen.

This time we will make sure everyone who has committed the crime meets the sentence that is valid for him/her.  No Bhardwajs will be tolerated anymore.

Featured Image Source: Mothbrain by Inku-inku: Mothbrain is an emotional masochist. When it gets too close to the fire the wings dissolve in the flames bit by bit, slowly.

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