#CongressHinduDrama: Rahul Gandhi’s Weird Aarti in #MadhyaPradesh

#CongressHinduDrama: Rahul Gandhi’s Weird Aarti in #MadhyaPradesh

Rahul Gandhi has been doing a lot of “Hindu Drama” during the elections to look Hindu.  Even when he clearly announced that “Congress is a Muslim party“.  You see it is all to play the communal card of religion.

In this video, Congress President Rahul Gandhi and party leaders Kamal Nath & Jyotiraditya Scindia are performing aarti during Narmada Puja at Gwarighat near Jabalpur.   Now that elections in Madhya Pradesh are around the corner, the communal card playing tricks by Congress will increase.

Pappu’s tryst with aarti

Rahul Gandhi starts off the aarti in the most weird and dangerous way.  The janeudhari has obviously never held an aarti or had one!  I doubt he would know what is a janeu and how is it worn?  Anyways, as he is busy putting his own safety and that of others, specifically Kamal Nath, in to jeopardy, Kamal Nath nudges him to hand over the aarti to him.  Lest the poor guy gets all burned up doing the “Hindu drama”.  And, after that rather difficult time circling the aarti paatra, he happily hands it over Kamal Nath.  Who is relieved, and carries on the aarti further.

Communal Congress is busy with Hindu Drama

Congress party has no real accomplishments when you see the whole period of 70 years in context of what could have been done and has politically lost all the wars that were won by the military.  And specifically in the 10 years of UPA, all it had were scams.  So what does it do?  Play the religion card.

From Kailash Mansarovar to Janeudhari and visiting temples, he wants to play the Hindu card.  And when it comes to backing India and Indian civil society, his party backs Jehadis and mullahs who prey on regular people.

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