Detailed Analysis of the Characters Who Sold India In Mani Shankar Aiyar’s Home That Night

Detailed Analysis of the Characters Who Sold India In Mani Shankar Aiyar’s Home That Night

On Wednesday night 18 people – Indians and Pakistanis got together in what they thought was a secret meeting to discuss many things.  It resembles the infamous June 9 Trump Tower meeting where many in the Trump campaign discussed with Russia on how to undermine the then US Government on foreign policy matters relating to Russia.  In a very similar vein, this meeting of December 6 – the date of Babri Masjid demolition (chosen for a reason by Pakistani Intelligence to make it symbolic?) – the Indian motley crowd of journalists, ex-Army Chief, diplomats, the ex-Vice President and the ex-PM met with Pakistani High Commissioner and politicians to discuss the “Indo-Pak” relations.

This happened in the home of the guy who had openly asked for help from Pakistan to take Modi out to bring the India and Pakistani sides together in a dialog.  Moeen Pirzada smiles at the absurdity of the suggestion from Mani Shankar Aiyar’s servile remark begging for intervention.

And it is shocking and incredible that the selling out of India’s interest is being done so openly and unabashedly these days by forces that have hoisted halos over their own treacherous heads!

For the meeting in Aiyar’s home, this was the cast.


Five Lutyen’s Myth About India, China, Pakistan and Kashmir

To understand what may have been discussed in the meeting, it is important to check out the credentials and the stands of the most important people present in the meeting.

There are FIVE Major Myths about India, Pakistan, and Kashmir that the Lutyen’s elite has promoted.  These include the following:

  1. Aman ki Asha with Pakistan: using the nukes as the excuse, the narrative that is dished out is that there is a need for dialog at all costs with Pakistan.  Even after Acts of War like 26/11.  Even when everyone knows that Army / ISI is the real establishment, there is a sham that is promoted – of talking to the Pakistani political elite who are either useless side-kicks or simply ISI plants to further the Pakistani narrative.
  2. Kashmir is India’s mistake: The Congress/Nehruvian / Lutyen’s narrative is that Kashmir is India’s biggest mistake.  Whatever wrong is happening is because of India.  The more moderate of the Lutyen’s gang seeks to create a moral equivalence between Jihadis and the Indian Government.  The normal Lutyen’s Kashmir “expert” calls for plebiscite and withdrawal by India.
  3. India is weak with no options, so accept LoC as Border: Lal Bahadur Shastri was forced to negotiate with Pakistan despite India’s superior situation in 1965 war.  India gave away 90,000 prisoners of war after 1971 with nothing in return!  Aksai Chin was lost, the Trans-Karakoram pact between Pakistan and China gave away 1/3rd of Kashmir to China, and India has kept on losing in all the discussions gradually and steadily in terms of its position.  We all know how Manmohan Singh was ready to barter away Siachen – per Wikileaks!  Somehow, India is placed as a weakling with no options, which is not true!  And this is what PM Modi is proving as a complete falsehood.
  4. Pakistan’s disintegration or downfall will hurt India: The narrative that if Pakistan is in turmoil, it will be India’s disadvantage and so India must help Pakistan remain strong.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Pakistan’s situation is its own making.  India need not be apologetic. A Pakistan broken down in many parts – some of which align with India will be to India’s advantage.  And there is no harm is planning for that.
  5. India should be afraid of and inferior to China: The shameless Leftists who have been propped up by the Chinese establishment have always run the shop for the Chinese in India.  They have betrayed India, infiltrated into the Army, rebuked the Government, and tried their best to work against the National Security.  When India stands up against China – as in Doklam – this army of Chinese surrogates gets active in India telling the government to “get lost”.  That is their way of sucking up to their Chinese masters.

Cast of Characters At Aiyar’s House

To understand why the meeting was in secret and so closely held, one needs to know how the characters who met at Aiyar’s residence could further the agenda of the masters of Lutyen’s IndiaChinese and the Pakistanis.  Let us dig into the lives and works of some of the main characters assembled that night on December 6th.

Ex-Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari: He is best known as the man who endorsed the Jihadi group Popular Front of India (PFI).  Ansari attended an event organized by the women’s wing of PFI.  Just so we understand the background of PFI.  It is an Islamist group that has unleashed terror via murders and dismemberment of people in Kerala.  PFI is best known for the following:

  • Chopping off of a professor’s (Professor TJ Joseph) hand in Idukki,
  • Murder of RSS leader Rudresh in Bengaluru,
  • Making Country made bombs and conducting a training camp in Kannur from they trained people in these bombs and swords – which were seized by authorities
  • A case where the Indian – Al-Hindi module for Islamic State was caught.  The group planned to hit targets in South India – Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Many of the PFI terrorists have been booked for violence under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act  (UAPA).  The most active states in which this Jihadi group operates are Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.  And yet, Hamid Ansari attended their function in Kozhikode!

Before he left, like many other of the Award Wapasi gang earlier, Ansari also pushed the ‘intolerance and insecurity amongst Muslims’ card while leaving.

Ex-Army Chief Deepak Kapoor: It must be remembered that General NC Vij and General Deepak Kapoor were named in the Adarsh Housing scandal.  General Kapoor is a disgraced Army General, who shouldn’t have been allowed to continue after he did not deliberately act against the criminals of the Adarsh housing scam.

Lt.-Gen. Avadesh Prakash, one of India’s highest ranking army officers, was just days from retirement when he was ordered to face a court martial recently over his alleged involvement in a controversial land deal. It is the latest in a series of corruption scandals to engulf India’s defence forces in the last few years.
Prakash is accused of abusing his position so a close friend and developer, Dilip Agarwal, could buy a 30-hectare parcel of land next to the headquarters of the army’s 33 Corps in West Bengal at a bargain-basement price. The scandal first came to light last year and Prakash was found guilty by a military court of inquiry in December. Though Lt.-Gen. V.K. Singh, the court’s convenor, recommended Prakash be fired, India’s army chief Gen. Deepak Kapoor decided that only light “administrative action” was warranted. As criticism grew that Kapoor was being too soft on Prakash, the defence minister, A.K. Antony, pushed for tougher disciplinary action against Prakash. Kapoor reluctantly agreed to a court martial for the three-star general: “The minister’s advice to [the] army chief amounts to being a direct order,” explained an unidentified official to the Times of India. (Source)

TCA Raghavan: TCA Raghavan may have been a career diplomat, but he is a guy who was aligned to Pakistan’s takeover of Kashmir and the legitimizing actions of China via the CPEC to that usurping of PoK.  That is why when in Pakistan, he made a statement that revealed his own mindset, which speaks to the ISI narrative itself.

India is not worried over the $46-billion economic corridor between Pakistan and China as an economically strong Pakistan would bring regional stability, India’s envoy said today, underlining the need to remove misperception and restore mutual trust between the two nations.
Indian High Commissioner TCA Raghavan, addressing a meeting of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KPCCI) here, said India also has no problem over the growing relations between Pakistan-Iran-China and Afghanistan. (Source)

Anyone who has followed India’s objection to OBOR and CPEC knows that Indian government is worried and is not OK with the CPEC corridor!!  So why would a diplomat make such a false statement which clearly does NOT represent the Government stance?  Was he a rogue diplomat?

Satinder ‘Sati’ Lambah – Per Lambah, the deal between India and Pakistan was almost done.  That deal would have meant that the LoC would have been the formal border.  The PoK and everything that goes on with that – the Karakoram highway, the CPEC, etc – would have been formally given away to Pakistan.  Now, India may not be able to get the PoK back or destroy the Karakoram Highway – which poses a serious national security threat – but with the option open and aggressive work on ensuring that CPEC becomes a failed option, India can in the coming future look at taking back what is legally its territory.  To simply agree to a settlement with a gun on the head – as Pakistan has done with the ‘Kashmir is the root of the problem, and so Terrorism” blackmail – is not in India’s interest at all.  Because any sane person who looks at Pakistan-backed terror will tell you – it has nothing to do with Kashmir!    So look at Lambah’s statement and see where his own heart lies.

Lambah maintains the agreement is a “win-win for Pakistan, India and the people of Jammu and Kashmir” and can be the basis for all governments, including the present one led by Narendra Modi.
“It was not negotiated keeping an individual or party in mind. Everyone has their own style. Pursuit of peace with Pakistan and a discussion on Kashmir has been undertaken by different prime ministers and I have no doubt that future governments will follow the same path.”
On the issue of Kashmiri separatists meeting Pakistani leaders, which has become a stumbling block in talks between India and Pakistan, Lambah said, “In the past, Vajpayee, Advani and Manmohan Singh have met Hurriyat leaders and also given them visas to visit Pakistan. As regarding Pakistan, I fail to understand why they want to talk only to the Hurriyat and not also to the elected mainstream leaders from Jammu and Kashmir.” (Source)

One more thing – people talk about Vajpayee almost agreeing to the settlement on Kashmir.  That may have been so because he was almost held to ransom by the various forces to which he was always reacting.  This is the first time we have a PM – Narendra Modi – who is NOT reactive.  But aggressively proactive.  So, given India’s size, economy and interests, it will be a shame that India gifts away a large piece of strategic land which is legally and justifiably its own territory!

Ajai Shukla is an ex-Indian Army renegade – AWOL (which means Absent without leave). .   Absent without official leave – runaway Army guy.  Shukla is married to Sonia Shukla, a journalist at Indian Express – who is also a fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies.  Shukla has written suspect pieces on Tanks and weaponry when he casts himself as a Tank Expert.  Read a take-down of his dubious piece on Tanks and a U-turn of his stance on it (Bribed?).  Very interestingly, this guy had spent 9 months – after going AWOL – to “research the North East” – specifically Arunachal Pradesh – along with his wife who was a fellow in Chinese Studies.  For a renegade Armyman who is working with Chinese, there might be some work to disclose the Army bases and installations?  He was also installed as the DDNewslive Head by Manish Tewari during UPA-2.  Ajai Shukla also is the Consultant for the arms company – Lockheed Martin in India!  When so-called journalists with suspicious links and past work for Arms companies start doing suspicious stuff, it is a spectacular soup of possible treason and mal-practice!

And, then his rather infamous and sick-minded tweet against Indian PM Narendra Modi – when he was on the visit to the UK.

Ajai Shukla

Basically rooting for the Indian PM to be arrested in Britain.  Such is his hatred for Narendra Modi!

If there was a copybook resume for selling India out, Ajai Shukla’s is the one.  You can read all about him in this very informative storify post.   And, btw he also writes for the online fake news portal –

MK Bhadrakumar is a journalist who writes on  He has special love for the Communists and is an advocate of the Chinese narrative in India.  Infact he unabashedly bats for China and the Communists.  A person who regularly becomes the mouth-piece of the Chinese establishment in India to push their agenda within the country, he went about mocking and humiliating the Indian PM Modi and the Government for having opposed the One Belt One Road (OBOR) geopolitical tactic for supremacy.

Beijing, which went the extra league in the recent months to convince India that the latter’s concerns over sovereignty relating to the CPEC are unwarranted, has apparently given up and decided to simply ignore Delhi’s protestations and proceed with the CPEC projects in a big way in Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a political and diplomatic snub by China, conveying a frank message to the Modi government to “get lost”.

Convenient right?  Mock and run down the Indian PM because he does not agree with how China’s trick of cloaking supremacist / colonial idea under economic unity – OBOR – will undermine Indian sovereignty!  here.  Just for context, here is US strategist and author Michael Pillsbury discussing this in Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on East Asia, The Pacific, and International Cybersecurity Policy hearing on November 14, 2017.

Earlier this year, in the conference held in European Parliament by the Brussels-based South Asia Democracy Forum (SADF), titled ‘European Union and OBOR’, the delegates from across Europe showed concern over what China was upto.

In his address, Ryszard Czarnecki, MEP, cautioned European countries not to take at face value, Chinese claims that OBOR would result in a win-win situation for all partners. He drew specific attention to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the flagship OBOR project being implemented on the ground, which had run into deep opposition from locals, who saw it as a means of further exploiting their resources, in keeping with the Chinese track record in Africa.
In his remarks, Fulvio Martusciello, MEP, referred to the currently stalled Belgrade-Budapest railway project, and stated that the unscrupulous methods adopted by China only further confirmed suspicions about the long-term objectives of OBOR. He opined that through OBOR, China would not only acquire companies in Europe, it would also try and impose Chinese regulations, standards and gradually increase its influence over countries in the region, making their economic growth dependent on China.
In his remarks, Mehran Marri referred to the first-hand experience of local Pakistani communities and the Baloch people, through whose lands the CPEC was passing, and highlighted their suffering and repression at the hands of the Pak army. Holding up the mirror to countries in Europe hoping to benefit from OBOR, he stated that as the CPEC experience clearly showed, China was not driven by any altruistic motives, and was not promoting OBOR to improve the lives of the local people. On this occasion, a short film on opposition to the CPEC in Pakistan, was also screened. (Source)

Not just this, even the US is wary of what China is trying to do with the OBOR work and backed the Indian stance up.

The United States has reiterated its support for India’s opposition to China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, a part of which traverses Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, with defence secretary James Mattis telling lawmakers “no one nation should put itself into a position of dictating such a project”.
“In a globalised world, there are many belts and many roads, and no one nation should put itself into a position of dictating ‘one belt, one road’,” Mattis told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during a hearing on Tuesday on the US administration’s new Afghanistan-centric South Asia strategy. (Source)

For a journalist to be a shameless mouth-piece of colonizing and unscrupulous world power while denigrating his own country is hardly journalism.  Despite his grand ideas of what China wanted to do and how India squandered the whole “opportunity” to be enslaved to China – which most countries, apart from Bhadrakumar’s soul, have become by trying to benefit from Chinese “investment” – the fact is that CPEC is now a failed initiative!

The Lutyen’s Myths and its Gatekeepers

The Lutyen’s Delhi has created certain myths for India.  These myths align with the national interests of China and Pakistan.  As long as everyone runs along with those Lutyen Myths, one is acceptable and “good” for India.  The moment you challenge those myths, all hell breaks loose.  The cast that we had in Mani Shankar Aiyar’s home that day were torch-bearers of those myths all their lives.  They have seen those myths being called out!

That is why the yearning for the “comfortable” is so high.  They want their spotlight back.  But India is not the same and has changed from how they wanted it to be.

You see, it is no longer for sale!

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