Did Reuters’ Adnan Abidi pass off a Pakistani fake photo as one from Srinagar?

Did Reuters’ Adnan Abidi pass off a Pakistani fake photo as one from Srinagar?

Maham Abedi works in Canada as a journalist.  Or so she says.  In fact, she says in her bio that she is “National online journalist, breaking news @GlobalNews”.  She earlier worked for HuffPostCanada.  She tweets a photo by Reuters’ Adnan Abidi, which calls very powerful.  It seems so right?  A kid holding up a placard for freedom in Srinagar, Kashmir.  Very touching indeed.

@mahamabedi from @globalnews shared a pic from @reuters ostensibly from Adnan Abidi showing a kid holding a banner for freedom in Srinagar.. but when zoomed in, the pic reveals it is a fake! Click To Tweet

So, I downloaded the picture from her tweet (you can too).  And looked at it.  Here is how it was downloaded.  Are you with me?

Now, I zoomed on it.  And you can download and do the same.  So here is what I see.

.Now, focus on the picture a bit.  And you can see that the paper on which this was written was actually repurposed from another placard.  And when you focus well enough in a way that you focus on what is behind it, you can actually see the words that were written on the paper.

Wait lemme help you.  I reduced the brightness on the pic and increased the contrast so we can see the words even more clearly.  Elementary really!

And you can see the words very clearly!


Someone wrote that on a paper with a black pen.  Then that someone turned it around and repurposed it.  The words written by black pen bled over!

And, that someone happened to be an Imran Khan follower trying to make a political statement.  But in Srinagar?  IN the midst of a “curfew”?   Really?!!!

There are enough idiots who still believe the ISI spokespersons who insist that Osama Bin Laden was not in Pakistan and never found there.  But such retarded idiots cannot be allowed to define the global news narrative!!  It seems that organizations like Reuters love to hire such retards and give them a free rein to destroy their credibility in a hurry!!

If you want to know how spectacularly Reuters and other news outlets are becoming willing accomplices in spreading nothing but plain falsehoods on a global stage, then you can see this latest example!!

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